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  1. Jack_White(Gundi)

    LC 2 MTA

    Pretty cool. Did you make a minmap or somethings ( f11 ) ?
  2. Amazing logo. I'll definitely put it to a good use. Nice I'm glad that you like it. @Kenix: Thanks for your support.
  3. Depends, the last one took 2 hours. Thank you again for all your greats feeback. I can't handle the requests in the next weeks. I'm going to comback in EU and I 'm going to be "super" busy. Thank you for your undertsanding.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. I love them I tryed to make one logo for Zombie Hell PArty Server
  5. Requested only, it's not a job, its a passion I gave them a video, and they gave ma a spot in their sub-box.
  6. Thanks, I do like your video " Toujours Pas D'or" Huge work I bet New one:
  7. New one, New style. Give me your opinion
  8. Ok i give you my skype by pm. New Intro made for one of my subscrider.
  9. You dont even need to wait. You can aleady use my template. And i'm not going to close my server soon Even if my server is not actually working well,experience that my server brings me is already a great reason to not close it . And it would be a bad trick to do to our players. Till the server have even only one player who enjoy our work, the server will be open. Anyway, you are free to already use my templates I am always open to any new proposal. If you could be a little more accurate ^ ^ --- Thank you for your support, it gives me motivation to continue Have a nice day
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