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  1. But the game start to brake very much when I start to make movie
  2. I saw some screenies and video. I know how to make screenshots, but how to make videos in VC i don't know. Help
  3. They don't dissapear in Multiplayer, but in Single - yes
  4. Ok, it would be more better
  5. where can I download map of all vehicles with description to creat new games, 'cos I even don't know all cars
  6. so, it it impossible to make changes
  7. Can I somehow change time in the game. Because it is not interesting to start MTA game everytime at 21:00. Could it be changed for example on 8:00 AM
  8. But where can I find a boat?
  9. So we will know what to wait for
  10. 2 MTA Team When will there be changes in your patch. For example, when people will start walking on the streets, and cars ....
  11. I had the same problems, but they've dissapeared after installation of WinXp. There are no problems there. Today there were three of us in the game. But after an hout it becomes to boring. to Creators Will you make better patch with people and cars on the streets?
  12. So, does it mean, that this mta patch wouldn't work on win98. or should I install some upgrades?for example update to 1.1
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