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  1. >>>>> الموضوع العام <<<<<

    كل عام وانتم بخير
  2. stolen resources

  3. Limiting download speed

    Hi everyone! While it is very obvious that MTA has been carrying through a remarkable amount of success over the past few years, I think it lacks a rather important feature. Have you ever wanted to join a server with a large download size that would take a substantial amount of time to finish and at the same time you wanted to continue browsing the Internet without having most of your connection speed sucked up by MTA? Well, this could be possible if MTA added an option enabling you to control the amount of speed at which your in-game download will run. I believe having such option added to the client's UI would be a great improvement to MTA. It would be even better to, besides adding the option, add the relevant Lua functions such as isClientDownloadSpeedThrottled, getClientMaxDownloadSpeed and etc. Thank you for reading my suggestion, I hope it contributes to the development of MTA.
  4. ما عندي أي مانع في إضافة قسم برمجة للغات الأخرى لكن بيكون قسم فرعي داخل القسم العام
  5. Textures on walls

    Locked upon OP's request
  6. BusinessLifeRP

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  7. Maqam Echahid

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  8. مبروك للأخ نصور والله يعينه على إدارة القسم العربي
  9. Change of topic title.

    Your topic's title was changed at your request. Please next time report your topic if you want to make any changes to it instead of making a new one for that purpose. However, I think you should be able to edit your first post (your topic) on Servers To Play On section as stated by darkdreamingdan.
  10. >>>>> الموضوع العام <<<<<

    @TAPL https://vid.me/Wcbu @TAPL@UAEpro https://vid.me/uCkN
  11. سلام

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  12. مساعدة

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  13. مين علمك البرمجه ؟

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  14. مساعده

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  15. فتكشنات عمل لوحة اختيار نوع

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