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  1. cant tell you how much im inlove with this baby! ! :3 Keep up bro!
  2. had it for 2weeks , and then off ;DD Sadly, christmas was over by the time then ;/
  3. Thanks for skin! <33
  4. well, im not in these things, but i should give it a try, and i'll just make a shitty poop out of a nice picture, or even an intro. ;dd
  5. i rly enjoy to look at ur sigs! mby get ''I'm A Member'' thanks best regards - Ryan
  6. map as map skilled good professional ---Want to play this immediatly---- -.-
  7. This is what i call actually an map!
  8. I think i would never be a good maper, so head up, and try ur best! )) topic** yap, i like dem maps ° goodJob:)
  9. Thats nice!! , get some moar maps and, surprise us more with ur cool maps! d:
  10. maps are great, good to play n'shit so good job mate!
  11. Mint maps, mint owners! well done Seby!
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