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  1. Where can I find one? I've been searching, but in vain.
  2. What you could of used was setPedWalkingStyle, but I think they disabled it due to a bug. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPedWalkingStyle http://bugs.mtasa.com/view.php?id=3788 other than that, nothing I guess. setPedAnimation wont properly work.
  3. You upper-case the first letter in every word. And did it ever come to you that all you had to do is click on addEventHandler in your first post and then, of course, read? and binslayer, it's a '?' because he's not sure about the second argument. He wants to know what it's for. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/AddEventHandler
  4. You've Got The Answer Right Infront Of You, Also It Is Impossible To Read Texts Written This Way
  5. I'm just going to jump to the point. CBA = Cant be arsed. I cannot be arsed to waste my time discussing with idiots. Those who bring up their life story, relatives and cannot keep their temper on the internet are true fools and children. Pathetic show-offs, desperate moves. And you clearly have zero clue what racism is and means. And that surprises me, as you were such an adult, being in the military and all that, having a major as a relative and probably a lot more than that! But as it turns out, you're still the same idiot you were 3 posts ago. And why would you type Sweden? You pointed o
  6. I'll give you two answers, that's all. 1. Swedish people. Not Sweden. Think, idiot, think. 2. CBA
  7. Fine, dick, I'll discuss with you. You clearly aren't "done with me", you keep replying. I'm soon 16 actually, so what? Me being way more mature than you just proves that ages doesn't matter, AGAIN. Why did you bring up where I'm from? Does it matter if I'm from Sweden? Sounds rather racist to me. Alright, listen up, I do have life experience, clearly. I do know how to the world works, you dont. You just based your post on unstable facts, taking my registration date from my forum account, comparing it to yours. Then you jump to conclusions, thinking you know more than me because you're an old
  8. no one cares about power on MTA. that is what people say because they dont know what truly is going on. Being admin on ANY server is shit boring, especially on a roleplay server. And I'm a part of the topic, but I don't know what it's about. It's old. You bumping it, bringing up pointless matters is rather dumb. Calling me an idiot was uncalled for it. And it's worse than SAMP's community. We are speaking about communities and not the client(s) now. And yet again, a rather pointless and dumb matter to bring up. You're clearly the blind and still, the ignorant one, but don't worry. I'll help b
  9. "Dont judge a book by it's cover", right? Even though I dont have a book, I know what moral and common sense is. Everyone agrees with the OP? Hardly, many are grateful for having valhalla scripts. And even the OP contributed by spreading his edited version of the script. Plus, how do I waste your time? I waste MY time trying to talk sense into you, you are clearly the ignorant one. And who is "us"?
  10. Your book is shit. Honesty doesn't erase the past, nothing does. He did the same thing every other server owner did. Then when he's past that, he then judges them. No, it doesn't work that way. Therefore, your book is shit, lacks moral and common sense.
  11. i cant provide proof, this was quite some time ago, it was you or i'm mixing you up with someone else. near the vedic-era.
  12. good old times, samer anyways what dkr oz is saying is completely true and here's the proof: Basically, what he is saying is: "just an advice, create new stuff" " i give u vg script, latest" this is the guy from page #1, pl0x. I've included a second serial from him in the script on page #1 incase someone wants to save some time banning him before he causes trouble somewhere.
  13. even though it's nil, hexcode should/will overlap it. outputChatBox("(LocalChat)"..nick..": #ffffff"..msg,v,r,g,b,true) color before message returns nil outputs:
  14. hex code overlaps r g b, im guessing something interferes with it. most likely default mta resource
  15. hex code should work, no matter if you're in a team or not
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