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    map zindex

    I just added a keybind to f11 to hide my GUI elements if the map is open so nevermind.
  2. kaos057

    map zindex

    Yes the f11 map. How do I change the priority?
  3. kaos057

    map zindex

    Sorry if this is something that has been brought up before but its impossible to search for anything about the map. Is there a way to use guiBringToFront() with the world map? All my gui elements overlap it. Also is there an event for when the map is opened?
  4. The point would be to add a much higher level of customization. I think it would be awesome to allow players of my server to design their own ped skins and vehicles to use in game without anyone else being able to use the same one.
  5. I think it would be nice to be able to add new models instead of replacing current ones. Like have a certain range of numbers you can use (like 10000 to 10999) to assign completely new txd/dff and have a setting to determine the element type (ped,vehicle,map object, etc). Then use the new model like normal with the current functions.
  6. you sure theres not any other scripts that have anything canceling the onClientVehicleEnter event?
  7. well i got them to work by just adding them to my main meta file which i guess will work but is there another way to do it since there are meta files with each map too that have settings and stuff for the maps?
  8. put line 22 before line 21. if that doesnt work comment out line 23 and see if that allows you to enter. I think switching the lines should work though because you are trying to use the variable "vehicle" before it is assigned.
  9. gate1= createObject ( 969, -488.75805664063, -562.94116210938, 24.461265563965, 0, 0, 180 ) gate2 = createObject ( 969, -488.5793762207, -562.96948242188, 24.451913833618, 0, 0, 0 ) gatecol = createColCircle ( -488.6, -562.94116210938, 24.461265563965, 7 ) skins = { [ 46 ] = true, [ 47 ] = true, [ 48 ] = true, [ 59 ] = true, [ 66 ] = true, [ 71 ] = true, [ 113 ] = true, [ 120 ] = true, [ 124 ] = true, [ 147 ] = true,
  10. I downloaded a couple maps from here and cant figure out how to use them. They wont show up in the admin map manager and they dont show up in the map editor (not that i want to edit them I just wanted to see if they could be loaded there). I changed the meta file of each map to include gamemodes="mygamemode" and removed any spaces in the map names etc. But it looks like the server does not know they are there. What am I doing wrong?
  11. I noticed that on some roads you don't go as fast as on others. I am not talking about dirt roads or anything. I'm talking fully paved roads. I could be going like 120mph down a road then all of a sudden speed drops to 100 as soon as the road switches to another road then jumps back up to 120 as soon as im off that road. Is this intentional or a bug or ? anyone know?
  12. I'm using 1.3 I don't think its bugged either. I think the Wiki is wrong.
  13. and source is the player element i like the way it works better than the way the wiki says its supposed to work lol
  14. ok so its bugged right?
  15. the server side function onChatMessage does not seem to be sending the right parameter for player/resource. When a regular message is received, the player parameter is nil. When a message is received from team, the player parameter is the team element. Is this supposed to be like this or is it a bug?
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