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  1. not legal: decompile it. legal: buy it.
  2. Schlammy


    scripting with editor epic ^^ the most of lua scripters using Notepad ++
  3. wie kann man denn "ein" MTA "weg" machen? MTA ist der Mod für GTA SA Verantwortlich ist der, der die resource auf den Server lädt.
  4. ???? What yu mean? Line 1: hello line 2: what line 3: up now you wanna change line 2 or what you mean?
  5. Interiors just from 0 to 255 valid "interior: The interior you want to set the element to. Valid values are 0 to 255. " change 999 to 255
  6. i would create the gui when the player join and then hide it with guiSetVisible. With the command you can hide or show it using guiSetVisible
  7. if you want to save it save you have to use two or more serverside tables exampel like element data playerVarTable[source]["elementdataname"] = "new Value"
  8. And for your script: function teleportarPlayer ( source, posX, posY, posZ ) getPlayerFromName ( source ) getElementPosition ( source ) setElementPosition ( source, posX, posY, posZ ) end addCommandHandler ( "goto", teleportarPlayer ) source is not able to use it as paramater. change source -> theplayer or else. player (element) = getPlayerFromName(thePlayer or else) you get a player you can use but thePlayer or else is already a player which use the command. x,y,z = getElementPosition(thePlayer or else) you`ll get the position of the play
  9. you get the ip of the player and then you locate him Take a look at the admin panekl i think its using this technic
  10. elementdata of player "choosenLanguage" = "global" and then with commandhandler change and with bind at l output text to all players where elementdata "choosenLanguage" == the same of the player who write the text Privat chatsystem which works fine
  11. then use my script wheres the problem?
  12. bindKey ( source, "H","down","command") ???
  13. else you could reset the nameplayertagtext with a function but i dont know if it will work with your scripts you made which change the nametag text try this nameTag = {} function nameTag:resourceStart() setTimer(function() nameTag:resetAll() end, 500, 0) end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), nameTag:resourceStart) function nameTag:resetAll() for _,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do local tempPlayerName = getPlayerName(player) local tempPlayerNametagText = getPlayerNametagText(pla
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