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  1. Hello there, this is my server side script, and my player number does not change it's allways the same when. tMensagems = 5 MensagensInfo = { "The are, #FF0000"..getPlayerCount().."#FFFFFF players in the server", "Welcome the server", } function messages() outputChatBox (MensagensInfo[ math.random( 1,#MensagensInfo ) ] ,getRootElement(),255,255,255,true) end setTimer(messages, tMensagems * 600, 0) Can you guys help me fixing this?, I have for example 3 players in someone joins or leaves with will keep telling that there are 3 players and not the correct amount
  2. Hello there, anyone know how can I clean both files? Or download cleaned ones in order to start without accounts etc...?
  3. Hello i have one person on skype wich sells some scripts i need to know is someone have bought anything from him and if we can trust on him his skype is: mtajordan i think he have one account on this forum too, just tell me what experience with him you guys have please.
  4. thanks i will look at it
  5. Can someone help me locking accounts by serial for the player only access on his account on his computer?
  6. On this line "outputChatBox ("Este local é Radioativo, recomenda-se uso de roupa especial!",hitElement,255,255,255,true)" When the player enter in the area the outputChatBox doesn't work local colradiat = createColCuboid(1648.9276, 2820.2937, -31.4780, 805.5, 581, 90) local zoneeeeee = createRadarArea (1648.9276, 2820.2937, 805.5, 581, 255,0,0, 255 ) local player = getLocalPlayer() function onPlayerIntroareaRadiativa(theElement) if theElement == getLocalPlayer() then outputChatBox ("Este local é Radioativo, recomenda-se uso de roupa especial!",hitElement,255,255,255,true)
  7. Hello im getting this error in the code Unexpected symbol near '<' on the line 3, 10 theres is the code: function checktemp(thePlayer) local temp = getElementData(thePlayer,"temperature") if temp > 38 or < 37 then setTimer(sangramento,10000,0) end end function sangramento(thePlayer) local temp = getElementData(thePlayer,"temperature") if temp > 38 or < 37 then outputChatBox("[ATENÇÃO]Você tem que usar um heat pack, a sua temperatura não está a 37Graus",thePlayer) outputChatBox("[ATENÇÃO]Sua temperatura: ".. getElementData(thePlayer,"temperature") .." V
  8. Meu código é normal, é o mesmo que se você apagar algo no mapa e salvar e depois colocar a pasta do mapa que foi salvo num servidor
  9. skybad

    Map Disappear

    Hello, i think this place is the correct for this post, but if not sorry My problem is on Map Editor when i remove one map and press F5 it's all okay, but when i put the new map on the server, the map disappear in some angles i don't know what i need to do to fix it
  10. Estou com problemas eu quando removo um edifício no map editor e vou testar no próprio map editor esta tudo bem, mas quando meto no servidor mesmo zonas do mapa em certos ângulos da camera desaparecem. Alguem sabe como reparar?
  11. Hi i need to know if its possible block the command "reconnect" and "quit"
  12. Bahh i can't but thanks for the help guys
  13. Is giving this error: script/sv.lua:7: Bad argument @ 'addCommandHandler' [Expected function at argument 2, got nil] I will post the code: commands = {} commands.engine = "setengine" newcommands = {} newcommands.engine = get ( "engine" ) or commands.engine addCommandHandler(newcommands.engine, pack) function pack(thePlayer) local account = getPlayerAccount(thePlayer) if (not account or isGuestAccount(account)) then return end local accountName = getAccountName(account) if ( isObjectInACLGroup ( "user.".. accountName, aclGetGroup ( "Everyone" ) ) ) then --Player D
  14. okay i will try somwthing simillar to that and i will port here if works or if give errors
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