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  1. Great, the command fixed it. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Looking through the bug report, as well as your thread, it seems that this bug has something to do with Ubuntu 12.04. Perhaps this is worth posting on the Ubuntu forums?
  3. I tried installing C++ 2008 to the Wine bottle through Wine bottle management (wibom) but it didn't seem to help. Perhaps I should be installing it some other way? Would you happen to know what files C++ 2008 consists of though? I could go into the file system and check if they're present.
  4. Tried reinstalling both of them, still got the same issue. Guess I'll wait till someone else picks up on this thread, thanks for trying!
  5. Thanks for the effort, but I went through Wine's site myself earlier and haven't found any working solution yet.
  6. Yes I have, to no avail.
  7. Tried that, still not working unfortunately.
  8. My firewall is the default firewall provided by Ubuntu: ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall). It has no rules set at the moment though. I don't have an anti-virus at the moment because I'm not terribly worried about the very few Linux viruses that exist (Though I am debating installing one in the future). Edit: As for those drivers, there are no official Intel or MSI drivers for Linux, but I recently reinstalled my NVIDIA drivers, with no result.
  9. There is no such option in Ubuntu, and running Wine as a superuser (Sort of Linux' equivalent) through Terminal is not possible, in fact all it does is muck up the permissions for the Wine directory.
  10. The MTA you linked to is a server copy. However, I reinstalled the client (After reinstalling Wine 1.4) and it still isn't working.
  11. Following the instructions on that page updated it to 1.5.2 (Development release) but MTA still doesn't run. I'll try a simple reinstall of 1.4 just in case, but I don't see that working either frankly.
  12. As I said in the original post, yes, GTA: San Andreas single player works just fine when running under Wine 1.4.
  13. MTADiag works under Wine, so here's the log: MTADiag v 2.2 by Towncivilian MTA path: Z:\media\531C1353E752EF64\Games\MTA San Andreas Old MTA version: 1.3.0-9.04037.0.000 MTA version: 1.3.0-9.04037.0.000 GTA path: Z:\media\531C1353E752EF64\Games\GTA San Andreas D3D9.dll present: No DirectX up-to-date: Yes Can't open C:\users\igoor\Temp\dxdiag.log tasklist >: I can't draw any meaningful conclusions from it, but maybe someone else can. However, it should be noted that at first it said DirectX was out-of-date and directed me to
  14. Oh I didn't notice that thread when searching, my bad. However, there doesn't appear to be any solution there, but the last post might be on to something, perhaps it's a C++ issue. I recall that the MTA setup installs C++ 2008, so maybe that isn't working for whatever reason?
  15. Recently, I made the switch to Ubuntu from Windows, as Windows was causing a whole world of trouble. Now I'd like to get MTA 1.3 working. I've heard a number of people have managed to get it working, but mine will not function for some reason. I installed it under Wine v1.4, but on startup, a grey box appears, then it closes and nothing starts. I have tried a number of solutions, in no particular order: -Installing DirectX files through Winetricks (No d3d9.dll in the SA folder however) -Installing allfonts through Winetricks -Running MTADiag (Through Wine, it updated MTA) -Deleting the gt
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