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  1. Damn ok it should be fine thanks guys
  2. How can i rotate a GUI? I want to make a progress bar vertical not horizontal.
  3. NextGenRP


    Use guiSetVisible at the start of the resource and it will be depending on the x,y arguments of the window i think.
  4. Because you can change the TXD's with script that's probably what they thought you meant, I don't know but i wouldn't suggest changing them client side but it's up to you.
  5. Never mind ill just put up with it. Another thing i want to know is, I changed the element data client side from a GUI then when the player quits i save it server side and then when a player logs in it should set the data server side, It works fine for everything else but this for some reason the thing i change from the GUI doesn't save
  6. Im not sure but a start would be change the race resource from a game mode to a script, Then you will need to change everything that starts the race mode for the player when they connect or login however race works to something custom, I can't really tell you what to modify i have not seen into the race mode.
  7. I still have the problem this is what i added: for _,gui in ipairs(getElementsByType("gui-window")) do if guiGetVisible(gui) == true then else For some reason the GUI still shows when i open another GUI then try to open it.
  8. I suppose you could do something like if you have Real life in LS and race is SF or LV and like jeremaniak said use a marker or command or GUI whatever you want to warp the player in a vehicle but you will need to modify the race resource or create your own, It is highly possible but you will need to script it yourself.
  9. Thanks man the type argument gui-window wasn't in the wiki for getElementsByType
  10. With the guiGetVisible i need to use a gui argument don't i? I want to check if any window is open and yeah but then i would still have the error shown in the image.
  11. Just make a GUI for each server and you can make a command /change or something and it will show the GUI and then you can add as many servers as you want to the GUI using buttons and redirectPlayer That is just how i would do it.
  12. It's a GUI that shows when you click on a player, I can't seem to reproduce the error now but it happened when a player tried to click on the Login GUI and the player GUI came up because the player is behind the gui, Here is another example with a different GUI: This is why checking if any GUI window is open it would be better i think.
  13. Hey guys, I've made a panel when a player clicks on another player it will open the panel. The problem is that before the player logged in the login GUI comes up and when a player clicks on the login edit the player panel comes up but it doesn't have any information because the player has not yet logged in, How can i stop the player panel GUI from showing if the user is not logged in? Or is there any way to check if a gui window is already open? -- this would be better for what i need. (not just this)
  14. Thats your local ip im sure.
  15. XAMPP is a program to make hosting apache and MySQL and other programs easy and in one place, he uses the MySQL and the SQL admin tool provided with XAMPP for his MTA roleplay server, If he can connect to the server fine and there is no SQL errors then its probably a problem with his ports or MTA server i doubt it will be the XAMPP.
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