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  1. My best guess is, he probably seeks a script that allows the server owner to change the text that displays upon vehicle entry. if that's the case, I'm also interested on this as I haven't found a working script yet.
  2. I really enjoy your maps, great fun for quick races, keep up the excellent work.
  3. At the moment it only supports replacing vehicle models, nothing to do with handlings. I haven't decided if I'll add some type of cusotm handling data yet, but probably wont because it's not hard to script custom handling with setModelHandling. If such thing is so easy to implement why would you simply discard such a small yet important feature, considering your resource is 100% focused on replacing vehicles, which benefit and sometimes require custom handling to work as the author originally intended? Not complaining, just really intrigued.
  4. Holy smokes I was looking for something like this, thank you. Does it support custom handling? Does it handle more than one model per ID ? (i.e: allow players to choose between models that replace the same car)
  5. Apologies in advance if this is not the correct section to make such post, but anyway, without further ado.. I run a private/friends-only multi-gamemode server and I'm looking for a scripter to aid me 'complementing' a few elements on my server that I deem extremely essential, but unfortunately, are lacking at this moment due to my inability to produce code. Requirements: 1- Efficient and presentable* code (* i.e - proper use of annotations/comments inside sheets and such) 2- Experienced with handling of custom 3D models (cars, objects, skins, etc) through LUA 3- Experienced with GUI's M
  6. Yeah it did make a difference, the models load in fine with no lag or crashes this time around, however, it seems that the collisions are not being loaded, car falls right through the object once it's 'released' upon race start.
  7. I asume you are talking about this If so, where is the underscore suppose to go exactly? i can't really make much sense of it by reading previous posts. The custom model files? (i.e: _example1.dff or example2_.dff). EDIT: Ok so based on what I could gather from the previous posts, I changed the following lines on the wrapper_c.lua: engineLoadDFF = function(path, model) local dff = _engineLoadDFF(mapname.."/"..path, model) -- added a "_" -- table.insert(wrapper.models, model) return dff end --Timers _setTimer = function(...) -- Added a "_" --
  8. I've been toying around with this gamemode for a bit and I noticed that loading race maps with custom 3D elements doesn't seem to work properly, at first my system completely froze and crashed upon loading a racing map, at second time I got back into the server everything, seemed to load well, apart from said custom 3D models. Does your gamemode support this type of maps by nature or is there something I must add / correct for it to function as intended?
  9. Love the design, the community has way too many obnoxious HUD's, I'm glad to see someone investing in minimalism for once. Well done, I'll give it a try.
  10. Sounds pretty good, I'll give it a try, thanks
  11. Would depend on your computer specifications. I'm asking in the sense of, if these particle effects drain the performance as much as the standard San Andreas ones do, regardless of hardware. Taking into account the fact that San Andreas is a pretty awful port by itself and being familiar with multiple reports from friends getting their frames tank when doing burnouts or flying at cloud level, whilst running the game on latest graphic cards and Intel i5/i7 CPU's.
  12. This is quite impressive, is there any noticeable impact on the client's performance?
  13. This is pretty damn useful, tell me, does it support custom handling? Any plans to make it support skins and weapons as well?
  14. This is pretty impressive, although the skybox seems a bit low quality... do the clouds move separately or is the sky part of one single image?
  15. Yes the poor execution is pretty noticeable, but I believe most of the videos are done purely out of fun by people who just want the viewers to experience the same fun as them, a high percentage of MTA players probably still runs PC's with low end dual cores. Regardless, I think a good gameplay video with carefully thought-out commentary and constructive criticism will certainly help give 'outsiders' an insight of the different types of game modes available to play on MTA. And above all prove that there are much better alternatives GTA:Online By the way, just throwing off a little suggesti
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