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  1. Well I tried the maps out they seem pretty good anyway have fun in life man out of mta.
  2. The server. Iswell can you just put all of the map files into one .zip file and upload to multiupload.com? ( We know you get paid for your links but it's boring waiting ) and Mediafire.com don't work for me.
  3. Hey there, Wafflecakes where are these maps from?
  4. So you're not allowd to use them anyway they are stolen you should make your own roleplay gamemode.
  5. One thing to say Just don't use Valhalla/Vedic Gaming Scripts learn to Script yourself or use mta-paradise and build on it geeze.
  6. I totally agree most people who makes MTa Roleplay's do it because they want the power and they simply don't know how to roleplay grow up and I support every word on this thread
  7. No the resource pool after your account system does you can fix it in the mtasercer.conf
  8. Chamberlien

    command /redo

    Don't ask here ask in the 'Scripting' Section.
  9. I've been speaking to A good friend of Daniels 'Dazz' and he told me that Daniels gave him the script they made the vedic the second MTA:RP and someone hacked into their FTP so they lost their scripts but mount don't give a shot noone really cares about him lol.
  10. Of course they are such like ShoDown Gaming Script was stolen it was leaked but your choice to run it they are using vg code and so are you so it don't matter anyway Mount won't do anything.
  11. I know you are Mr.Wright
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