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  1. Okay, i have done this but still no dual wield for the uzi or pistol or Sawn Off
  2. Okay Solidsnake can you help me with the part of the setPedStat as it is not alowing me to get the Dual Wield For the Uzi, pistol and Sawn Off Shotgun here is the Clients --- --- --- --- --- -- Created: 09/05/2012 00:59 addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, function() GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Image = {} GUIEditor_Window[1] = guiCreateWindow(224,131,364,323,"Umbrella Corperation's Weapon Shop!",false) guiSetVisible(GUIEditor_Window[1], false) guiSetAlpha(GUIEditor_Window[1],1)
  3. the 3 weapons are Uzi,Pistol and SawnOff
  4. I tryed it, and nothing happend as i said befoe it takes your money finely but doesent give you your skill to acquire Dual wield
  5. Okay as you were probably expecting i am back, with the setPedStat Ability i am able to click and buy it in the GUI, but, i do not get me 999 stat to make the weapons dual here is the codes containing the setPedStat; function setPedStat75 () setPedStat (source,75,999,true) end addEvent("setPedStat75",true) addEventHandler("seTPedStat75",getRootElement(),setPedStat75) function setPedStat73 () setPedStat (source,73,999,true) end addEvent("setPedStat73",true) addEventHandler("setPedStat73",getRootElement(),setPedStat73) function setPedStat69 () setPedStat (source,
  6. Yeah Solid, i used the wiki but couldnt see but thanks again you sure do help alot of people and thanks to all who gave there solutions!
  7. wait, there are Actual Stat ID's?
  8. SolidSnake i love you Thanks, but how do i set it for seperate weapons like?; setPedStat 26 1000? 26 Sawn Off...
  9. Okay all is good for now, But how do i sell Skills like SetUzISkill 1000 takePlayerMoney 750000? that is totally wrong but im learning
  10. okay the Buy Dildo Long Button doesent work it doesent sell the dildo it Exits the GUI
  11. Okay Progress is starting to gain, The Exit Button doesent do anything but the Buy Dildo Large button makes you Exit :L also, the Buy Cocktail button makes you buy a Night Vision and the Night Vision buttone makes you buy a Cocktail but the other 2 buttons are working, also when i get to the login window the both Gui windows pop up "Not Enough Cash" And the Actual shop EDIT i see the corrections now
  12. Ok when i start the Resource it poped up with part of the gui "You Do Not Have Enought For That Weapon" also wheni walk into the marker the window doesent show but the cursor appears Thanks though
  13. D: Nope Still wont show the GUI D:
  14. Thank you the Resource is loading, but when i go and Hitthemarker the GUI doesent appear :L
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