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  1. Yeah, its banned at my school. I just type in https://www.mtavc.com - the s stands for secure. Hope it works for you. And why the heck am I banned from the mta irc server..
  2. You guys did good though - it was great fun.
  3. I see why your in Blasta nowdays. Anyways, it would be an - not a. Back on topic - Good luck with your gang, hope to see you around sometime.
  4. Hello, I have made an awesome stunt movie, you can download it at: http://www.nafam.com/SMFTP/TEStuntVideo.zip It is 50 MB's but its worth it, and now I have shortened it to 20 MBs, so if you dont want to download the 50 MBs one, wait till i get my 20 MB stunt vid. I would like to thank Dk Bot for hosting my 50 MB vid.. I would like to kill Mr Bump for deleting my older stunt topic and forcing me to remake this one.
  5. A MultipliCity chatroom has been made for all you mIRC users. First off, join irc.multitheftauto.com, where you can go to the offical MTA chat room (join #mta). If you wish to suggest something for MultipliCity, or get some questions awnsered, or just hang around, join #MultipliCity. /Join #MTA For MultiTheftAuto /Join #MultipliCity For MultipliCity
  6. MrBump didn't intend on pissing u off, he was just letting you know for another time, plz calm down man.
  7. Stunt Timer - Two or more people have to try to do the most, and best stunts before the timer runs it. this could be actually quite easy, considering you earn money from doing stunts, so we could easily just say the people with the most cash earned by stunts win. Team Stunt Timer - Same as above, but there are teams, and the teams scores are added up together. All out racing - Grab some cars, race to the finish line, the person who makes it past a certain point fastest wins.
  8. This video was pretty good, honestly, I know you guys could've done better stunts.. i've played mta with u.. Good luck, and nice SCREENSHOT. (Next time, try to put the movie in a diff section of the forums.
  9. Thx.. and Iggy, the movie is working now.
  10. I think it would be cool, if you could kill people, and temporarily take their gang clothes, then you could pick up 3 other gang members, go off a jump which has water under it, but right before the jump, you bail out so you kill 3 people, in 1. That would be sweet..
  11. Sry, my host is having trouble, the weather conditions there are quite bad. Thats why im looking for another host, and were you on a 56k or something?
  12. Hey, If anyone wants to see a stunt video that kicks, go to: http://www.fanskap.mine.nu/holysmoke/dr ... tMovie.zip if that doesn't work, go here. http://majortoker.gotdns.com/fullgore/g ... _movie.zip It is considered the best / second best movie to a lot of people, for whoever has seen it. That, is not a lie. I hope you enjoy it, and if it doesnt work, go to http://www.divx.com and get hte latest codec. Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.
  13. Yes, MTA:VC is a big hit in gamefaqs GTA:VC forums.
  14. You can't get the beta anymore, sry. Im not sure about movies, because if we used a program like fraps, it would majorly lag MTA. Sadly, we didnt get many pics.
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