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  1. Server freeroam MTA:SA 1.5 on ip : mtasa:// http://www.rpp-gaming.net/
  2. RPP-Gaming is one of the most advanced freeroam servers running on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas multiplayer modification Multi Theft Auto. The server began to work in 2012 March 15th and the purpose of it was to give fun to people, who looked for a simple and sweet freeroam to play on. With every year the development speed of RPP has been increasing: in the beginning, the server was barely being developed, only community mods uploaded, now the server is running optimised and powerful resources, which greatly extend the opportunities of player actions. ----------------------------------------- IP: mtasa:// WEBSITE: www.rpp-gaming.net ----------------------------------------- Server Features Real mods vehicles/skins/weapons with ModDownloader System activation (( /mods in game )) Real textures at parts of map with IMG Modding (( streets,lights,water,particles )) Maps: Fun,Drift,DM-Race,Race etc.. (( /teles in game )) Systems for peace: /peacemode , ghostmode for vehicles and anti-warp on F1 Area only for DM with anti-veh protection (( /aa or /war in game )) Handling Editor for vehicles (( press B in game )) Photo
  3. Dany Alex

    OwlGaming Romania

    Vezi GM free pe net,hai sa facem server :)) Mentalitate de cacat,inchide-l si sterge jocul.
  4. Pe forum cerere unban https://forum.egaming.ro/forum/1366-egaming-mta-rpp-rppegamingro/
  5. || RPP-Gaming Fun/Drift/Freeroam | Romanian/English | rpp-gaming.net || Owners: Dany, ZeoX, Zer0 Yeni nesil freeroam http://www.rpp-gaming.net Bir çok güncel özellikler ile sizlerle, daha fazlasını sunucuya gelip görebilirsiniz.