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  1. I have always been struggling with OOP, I thought I might have understood, but no. It's very simple. I want something like: Missions.name to return the name of the said index. The table output runs just fine, but once I want to use the variable type, I get nil. What am I missing? _Missions = { --sabotage { name="sabotage", short="sabotage", isElite = 1, minPly = 5, maxPly = 10 }, --Resupply { name="Resupply", short="resupply", isElite = 0, minPly = 1, maxPly = 5 }, --For
  2. If you have €200 a month for me you're very welcome to pay my server bills. and it wouldnt even work. I got a 1gbps network on my box including DDoS protection. but theres no DDoS protection that can withold 15gbps. Its just not cutting it. I dont want to spend extra money for something that wouldnt matter. the average DDoSer within the MTA commu.ity attacks with 2 gbps. thats more then the average DDoSer on any other gaming platform. You should enjoy hosting your own server. Not getting frustrated because some fat fuckface DDoSes your server I really want to keep my MTA server. but if I kee
  3. Hello MTA Community, If you've got a weak heart, stop right here because I got some sad things to say and you may not like it, disagree or deny my statement. I have been enjoying MTA since 2010. As a SAMP immigrant I have seen the benefits of the amazing content and structure. My favorite Gamemode: Roleplay. Valhalla gaming truly was the place to be. But where I enjoyed the game so much, there was always someone who liked ruining your happy moments, enjoying a game by DDoSing the server. Now 4 years later I have seen Many communities come and go. The Valhalla MTA commune disconnected from
  4. Apart from conversion, are there any other options to stream the objects into every dimensions when your file is a .map file?
  5. Let me clarify on this. Basically I'm looking for a way to stream map objects through the .map extension into multiple dimensions without having to edit the .map file for every single interior. I know that the world interior can be streamed into muliple dimensions and to save the mappers some time by NOT converting the .map file to .lua I haven't worked with map files before but all I ask is. How can I stream a .map file into every possible dimension?
  6. Seriously?!!! I've been hammering on this for hours and...wow It's working. thanks mate
  7. going back and forth, trying diffrent things I am clueless. I have a pickup element, the pickup element does exist. I know that it's being stored in a table and I am obviously missing something, but I have no clue how to resolve this. Ideas? local dbid, ent, ext= nil intEnt, intExt = {}, {} function loadHouses(interiorElement) if not (interiorElement) then interiorElement = getElementsByType('house') end if(interiorElement) then for _, interior in ipairs(interiorElement)
  8. attempt to yield across metamethod/c-call boundary Where am I possible calling a C code? function getGateInfo(ply, hasCoroutine) if (hasCoroutine==nil) then hasCoroutine = false end theGate = getGateDistance(ply) if theGate then for k in pairs(theGate) do if (theGate[k]) then coroutine.yield() end if (openState == false) then openState = true moveObject(theGate[k], mTime, mx, my, mz, rx, ry, rz) setTimer( function()
  9. explanation: the truck (linerunner) atteches to the trailer and runs a check, if the company names are not the same, it detaches. As far as the code goes, everything is working as it should and it does detach. The Issue: As soon as the trailer detaches it immediately re-attaches. How can I prevent the trailer from reattaching to the linerunner after it detaches? I did try cancelEvent, but it didn't detach NOTE: I'm asking for Experienced lua coders who know about GTA & MTA mechanics, you do not need any other code than the one that is currently listed. server: addEventHandl
  10. addEvent( "onHeadshot", true ) addEventHandler( "onHeadshot", root, function() playSound("noob.mp3", false) --boolean prevents looping, just to make sure. end )
  11. Like I said, not helping. The original code shows a lot more, but if I get 0000000000 ZERO NO NO NOTHING NO NO ERRORS! Then the triggerClientEvent gets ignored. Unless you're a moderator or part of the MTA team, I'd appreciate the help with the issue, because for some reason other people are sending me their codes which do work, but when I compare the code, it's the exact same code, but not working.
  12. You're not helping. It's the exact same code, except you switched arguments.
  13. Nevermind, Looking at the code now it's actually useless..
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