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  1. Oh yes, thanks for the detailed explanation. I understand the concept clearly now.
  2. This is the code: addEvent ( "onPlayerChooseTeam" , true ) addEventHandler ( "onPlayerChooseTeam" , root , function ( teamName ) local team = getTeamFromName ( teamName ) setPlayerTeam ( source , team ) outputChatBox("You changed your GANG to "..getTeamName(team).." Team.", source, 0, 255, 0) end ) The errors I am getting: In line 6: Bad argument @ 'getTeamName' In line 6: attempt to concatenate a boolean value The argument 'team' of getTeamName is defined above as a local variable but still its a bad argument? And I dont understand what "attempt to concatenate a boolean value
  3. Just one question - Did you really purchased a vbulletin license for your site?
  4. Whoa, that was simple and effective. Hope I become an experienced scripter like you one day Thanks again
  5. Thanks a ton bro! the script works perfectly! Just 1 more thing, I need to set the player's health to 200 when he hit the marker also. Please tell me how I implement setElementHealth to the script you suggested up.
  6. Hi, Im trying to make a script in which - when a client hits a marker, $500 will be deducted from his money. The code I wrote is not working and I need help: marker_00 = createMarker(1178,-1317,14,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_01 = createMarker(1252,329,20,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_02 = createMarker(-312,1052,20.5,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_03 = createMarker(1600,1820,11,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_04 = createMarker(-2667,636,14.5,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_05 = createMarker(2030,-1405,17.5,"cylinder",1,255,255,150) marker_06 = createMarker(-1520,2520,56,
  7. Thanks a ton bro, it worked perfectly!
  8. Players on my server abuse /me command, they bind it and spam the chat box. I wanna know the name of the resource this command is in. I searched a lot and couldn't find any thread related to it.
  9. greenday

    Survival Map

    Seriously? don't you have anything else to do besides post "lol map" on every thread on this forum?
  10. Thanks a lot mate! I needed this BAAAAADLY. I owe you one
  11. Link is dead now, can someone please provide a mirror
  12. I host my server on a linux VPS, unmanaged. Somehow my server doesn't appear on the list. All the ports are opened and ase is set to 1. Port 22126 UDP is open. f**k yeah! Port 22003 UDP is open. f**k yeah! Port 22005 TCP is open. f**k yeah! The tried to give it some time, I checked back after 12-13 hours the server is still not on the list. Don't know what the problem is? Please help guyz. Edit: Players can play by manually entering the IP, but can't see the server on the list.
  13. I downloaded the source but when compiling it with the command "make -C MTA10_Server install", there is an error, can a expert help me in this please? make[3]: Nothing to be done for `install-data-am'. make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/ps/mtasa-blue/MTA10_Server/core' make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/ps/mtasa-blue/MTA10_Server/core' make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ps/mtasa-blue/MTA10_Server/core' Making install in dbconmy make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ps/mtasa-blue/MTA10_Server/dbconmy' make install-am make[2]: Entering directory `/home/ps/mtasa-blue/MTA10_Server/dbconmy' /bin
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