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  1. MeSsInA

    VCEC problem

    wtf? who are you to talk shit about a big clan vcp? i NEVER seen your little pub clan pop.
  2. MeSsInA

    VCEC problem

    moding cars also mods there speed i doubt that ultimate vice doesn't change the speeds.
  3. MeSsInA

    VCEC problem

    what do you mean by that? As in he could still hack , just have all moded cars. But no trainers or anything obvious. Custom cars, such as a faster then normal car being an advantage over another.
  4. MeSsInA

    VCEC problem

    Its easy to mod your game, but not using any cheats, just custom cars.
  5. MeSsInA

    VCEC problem

    that banner is a moded version of Vice City, give it up kid you mod Richard Johnston News May 2, 2005 [VCEC]Focus Ok, its official. We are taking vice city deluxe off our computers. No mods. Just for the info, we never hacked. Ok. Thank you for reading, and thank you even more for any forgiveness Ill believe that when i random screenshot you.
  6. Im from New York, United States.
  7. Im a broadbander, I dont hate 56kers.. But in my mind I think, Cheap or I think not available in there area and i feel bad for them. Since San Andreas is about 5 times Vice City we need about 64 players into a server, This is a must. SA is HUGE compared to vice city. Sure it will lag at 64 people on a shitty server, but each company will realize that there box sucks and buy more.
  8. If you go in and be VCC(Vice city crusader) 2 times you will be kicked for a suspected trainer, its a glitch....and are you cheating?
  9. So every server has to have a link or do you auto download a special file that masks over your vehicles
  10. Is there a need for spam? Ransom you have AIM or MSN?
  11. vice, then teamspeak2 go home kid
  12. I dont see it in english, I can understand Italian if you guys spoke italian, but i dont know what kind of language that is
  13. I totally agree with your post. All the mods are really the same to the same extent, But MTA is way popular and it was contructed on a better base thus MTA by far being the best. Sure it lags, But what mod doesn't? Even that mod lags. MTA Also has scripts , good interface and is tested before its released for bugs and is made sure that there is no cheating by far searching in the memory, and running processes.... I love MTA, But i think you guys should consider letting SA-MP team joining for MTA:SA since they look determined to make it good. If MTA + SA-MP combine I think both staff/teams w
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