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  1. i use dxDrawImage due to the rendering order (world textures are drawn before screen source is updated). That's why applying it to world texture will always result in 1 frame lag. It's not that noticeable on vehicles but on bigger surfaces it is. I don't need to apply changed matrices to vertex shader, everything that's needed can be passed to pixel shader directly (look into water_refract from community) or recreated from scene depth. As for the method mentioned in the article - it produces nice results:
  2. Ren_712

    Shader problem.

    look into shader examples on wiki, mainly shader_bloom to see how to set texture for dxDrawImage.
  3. You can render the object to render target and the modify output as you want. Example in the link:
  4. I noticed that you can get some information in vs from BLENDINDICES0 and BLENDWEIGHT0 semantics. This along with NORMAL can provide you with enough information to morph facial features , body etc . Works with any ped, however requires a lot of model related tweaking. So what method did You use to morph the ped ?
  5. @Juuve
  6. the nonMRT effect transforms view and projection matrix to render the resized object/vehicle/ped close to the near clipping plane. So the vehicle is drawn on the screen when "GTA draws world'. the MRT effect draws the vehicle to a renderTarget that can be drawn dxDrawImage (onClientRender). Example:
  7. @Juuve It's not really a vehicle problem, that's how the alpha channel is handled in this effect. I'd have to rewrite it ... If you don't want draw the vehicle post gui use this: or use non mrt variant instead
  8. You will find more explanation on element 4x4 matrix here: First 3 rows require: right, up, forward vectors. Fourth will be position. You can provide right and forward, and up will be cross product of the two. You can also create matrix provided 3 points in 3d space. And that is essentially what bone_attach does. The code is fairly easy to understand: hint: getMatrixFromPoints function in bone_pos_rot.lua
  9. Do as Justin|X5| says. You can't apply shader to jetpack flames as you apply shader to ped entity.
  10. set render state ZEnable = true; to enable depth testing (you'll find it in line 71 in effect file) ped_wall_mrt.fx (allso in the fallback effect ped_wall.fx)
  11. you can use material3D_flipbook or material3D_blinds classes so you don't need to apply shader to world texture but line mateiral.
  12. possible, but pointless imho.
  13. you can't scale gtasa radar, but i think you can find a scalable custom radar on community.
  14. This is an example of radar disc image in hud.txd: like I said - your radar/sniper scope etc. just a first quarter of the image. Otherwise you'll see 4 discs instead of 1.
  15. Not a bug. Just slice the first quarter of your image and then apply it again.
  16. change this: color.a = alpha.r*finalAlpha; with that: color.a *= alpha.r*finalAlpha;
  19. sure, I should have added auto teleportation option for the player.
  20. Ok so here is the thing To see the vehicles you need to teleport to (0,0,4) position on the map. You'll see some vehicles created there. When you push f2 you will destroy/create textures and vehicles.
  21. It is possible, but it requires rendering vehicle and background in a separate rendering pass. The object preview shaders (without the custom position) might be good enough.
  22. Ren_712

    Shader error.

    could you delete my email from your message ? Oh and you apply the effects to world textures ? try to run the shader from community as a separate resource is there any difference ?
  23. myRT = Create RT (with alpha channel) Set RT (MyRT) Draw do said RT - image1 (r,g,b,a) Draw do said RT - image2 (r,g,b,a) Draw do said RT - image3 (r,g,b,a) SetRT() dxSetShaderValue (myShader, "sDetailTex", myRT)