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  1. Ren_712

    Shader problem.

    look into shader examples on wiki, mainly shader_bloom to see how to set texture for dxDrawImage.
  2. Ren_712

    Green screen shader

    You can render the object to render target and the modify output as you want. Example in the link:
  3. Ren_712

    Custom ped morphing [18+]

    I noticed that you can get some information in vs from BLENDINDICES0 and BLENDWEIGHT0 semantics. This along with NORMAL can provide you with enough information to morph facial features , body etc . Works with any ped, however requires a lot of model related tweaking. So what method did You use to morph the ped ?
  4. Ren_712

    render 3D objects in window (dx)

  5. Ren_712

    render 3D objects in window (dx)

    the nonMRT effect transforms view and projection matrix to render the resized object/vehicle/ped close to the near clipping plane. So the vehicle is drawn on the screen when "GTA draws world'. the MRT effect draws the vehicle to a renderTarget that can be drawn dxDrawImage (onClientRender). Example:
  6. Ren_712

    render 3D objects in window (dx)

    @Juuve It's not really a vehicle problem, that's how the alpha channel is handled in this effect. I'd have to rewrite it ... If you don't want draw the vehicle post gui use this: or use non mrt variant instead
  7. Ren_712

    [HELP] Getting a Ped's Bone Matrix

    You will find more explanation on element 4x4 matrix here: First 3 rows require: right, up, forward vectors. Fourth will be position. You can provide right and forward, and up will be cross product of the two. You can also create matrix provided 3 points in 3d space. And that is essentially what bone_attach does. The code is fairly easy to understand: hint: getMatrixFromPoints function in bone_pos_rot.lua
  8. Ren_712

    [Help] Removing JetPack effects

    Do as Justin|X5| says. You can't apply shader to jetpack flames as you apply shader to ped entity.
  9. Ren_712

    Element silhouette outline shader

    set render state ZEnable = true; to enable depth testing (you'll find it in line 71 in effect file) ped_wall_mrt.fx (allso in the fallback effect ped_wall.fx)
  10. Ren_712

    UV Shader that scrolls multiple images?

    you can use material3D_flipbook or material3D_blinds classes so you don't need to apply shader to world texture but line mateiral.
  11. Ren_712

    раrrаIaх shаdеr

    possible, but pointless imho.
  12. Ren_712

    [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    you can't scale gtasa radar, but i think you can find a scalable custom radar on community.
  13. Ren_712

    [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    yes, apply shader to vehicle entity
  14. Ren_712

    [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    This is an example of radar disc image in hud.txd: like I said - your radar/sniper scope etc. just a first quarter of the image. Otherwise you'll see 4 discs instead of 1.