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  1. [JS]Carmageddon|Remastered

    I remember mta blue struggling to draw map objects further than 200 units on this map, unlike Eir that rendered pretty much anything anywhere. Have never expected anybody could make this map to run good on blue tbh.
  2. [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    you can't scale gtasa radar, but i think you can find a scalable custom radar on community.
  3. [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    no problem
  4. [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    yes, apply shader to vehicle entity
  5. [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    This is an example of radar disc image in hud.txd: like I said - your radar/sniper scope etc. just a first quarter of the image. Otherwise you'll see 4 discs instead of 1.
  6. [BUG]Sniper Scope Bugged! (Please Help)

    Not a bug. Just slice the first quarter of your image and then apply it again.
  7. change this: color.a = alpha.r*finalAlpha; with that: color.a *= alpha.r*finalAlpha;
  9. Shader on part of image
  10. [REL] Texture replacement SHADER (car wraps etc)

    sure, I should have added auto teleportation option for the player.
  11. [REL] Texture replacement SHADER (car wraps etc)

    Ok so here is the thing To see the vehicles you need to teleport to (0,0,4) position on the map. You'll see some vehicles created there. When you push f2 you will destroy/create textures and vehicles.
  12. Green screen shader

    It is possible, but it requires rendering vehicle and background in a separate rendering pass. The object preview shaders (without the custom position) might be good enough.
  13. Shader error.

    could you delete my email from your message ? Oh and you apply the effects to world textures ? try to run the shader from community as a separate resource is there any difference ?
  14. Little question about tiling a texture with a shader

    myRT = Create RT (with alpha channel) Set RT (MyRT) Draw do said RT - image1 (r,g,b,a) Draw do said RT - image2 (r,g,b,a) Draw do said RT - image3 (r,g,b,a) SetRT() dxSetShaderValue (myShader, "sDetailTex", myRT)
  15. Project image

    >> The mayor issue with projected paint is the fact, that it draws a texture only to one side (for example car roof) Duh I'll send Einheit-101 and CodyJ(L) an example. It uses different projection matrix (you will need perspective matrix function from projected_paint)