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  1. Happy to say,my sound is working again,big thanks to you and Jaysds!You 2 helped me on all this trouble,sorry for being annoying if I was with all these posts
  2. This is the real last question,I can't find the driver in Add or Remove,so I need to go to Device Manager to find it,it has a check box saying "delete the driver software for this device" Check it?Or leave it unchecked?Sorry for this question,i'm dumb with drivers and i'm not a "technician",i'm really scared for deleting it like normal
  3. Thank you,I know the driver,there is no need for screenshots or something,i'll try!I think I need to back it up before I try,tell me how do I back-up drivers,please?Last question....
  4. Thank you,I thought 0.5.1 was released,here I come,to Vice City and GTA 3!
  5. Which version is most played?Because I wanna play some nostalgic MTA,it looks really cool and I wanna know which version is more stable/newer,I don't have any idea
  6. Kind of...For example,take Mari0 by StabYourself.com ,the music is heard really low and I need to turn up my speakers to the highest volume,right?NO!Because sounds are heard higher than the than the music,which is pretty annoying,I tried other speakers but,still doesn't work,I think I could downgrade my audio driver,downgrading helped me for hearing sound,because I upgraded and nothing came from the speakers,so,how can I downgrade my audio driver?I have the original driver,I tried to downgrade but it installed nothing!Just nothing..........How can I uninstall the driver then?That maybe would h
  7. Ummm,not with MTA,with my ENTIRE PC,I mean,it happens even on youtube,even in games,it's kinda annoying
  8. Another issuse With my PC!BAAAAD!I can't hear some sounds in games or watching youtube and I need to turn up my volume,other sounds are heard like they're in reverse,others are heard normally,I've tried headphones but it still doesn't work,front jacks doesn't work because of some reason,it just doesn't read them,i've tried other jacks and it didn't work!*out of breath * I can't try your solution without sound it just makes me bored without sound and it's really annoying... BTW,I have NVidia Graphics Card but it sucks,yeah,it's very very old and it's taken from a laptop because my other c
  9. Here are 2 of them,1 for the video settings and one for the advanced ones http://s1156.photobucket.com/albums/p56 ... titled.png http://s1156.photobucket.com/albums/p56 ... itled1.png
  10. Yeah,i'm getting low FPS,it happens in most of the servers,but good thing I get low ping,I will never lag,but it's simply,low FPS,tried with the newer drivers but it's still slow as hell...I enter race servers and the others are getting some kind of a head start...
  11. The storage driver says "No JMB36X SCSI adapter found!Setup will now terminate!" Uhhhhh,I think you gave me the wrong driver,I don't seem to have the adapter,but here's the link for the DXdiag log http://pastebin.com/kgkX3W5N Yeah,I screwed the title up because,maybe it will get that ID error,yeah
  12. New link !Hope this works......
  13. I've playing MTA so much,it heaven't got this problem,it goes 0-10 FPS or something,and I can't play!...help me!Quick! Link is here!
  14. Am reusit altceva,scuze,dar multumesc pt ajutor
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