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  1. http://qbnz.com/highlighter/
  2. Fury

    Save vehicle

    or he can use table.
  3. server-side of trigger gets "player, seat, jacked, text". you only send "text" part. do it like that; triggerServerEvent ("skonczyl", root, player, seat-thing, jacked-thing, "Skonczyles Prace dostajesz 800$") you should edit "seat-thing" and "jacked-thing".
  4. triggerServerEvent ("skonczyl", root, player, "Skonczyles Prace dostajesz 800$") you need to fix that.
  5. no problem. so using nick data is may cost getting wrong account, instead of it use only account itself. you may wanna do it like that; you need a main element that will kick the player out of team, and the kicked element. function(source,kicked) -- use source element to check if it have rights to kick the other element. -- and then you can use kicked element to change its account data. -- finally you dont need to use getAccounts at this subject. end so basicly, use the element itself instead of nick data.
  6. nick = !<~BoX|3R|~>! for _,v in ipairs(getAccounts()) do if (if string.find(getAccountData(v,"clannick"),nick,1,true) then -- this will be more usefull. acc = v break end end local accNick = getAccountData(acc,"clannick") outputChatBox("#ffffff"..getPlayerName(source).."#ffffff kicked "..accNick,getRootElement(),255,0,0,true) setAccountData(acc,"clan",0) -- you can't delete a account table by using lua, so instead of it set 0
  7. Fury

    little question

    thank you, math.ceil works for me.
  8. Fury

    little question

    hey there, i have a list something like that; 2132.1 1615.121 564165.122 .. .. what i want is to delete numbers after the dot "." so it'll be something like this; 2132 1615 564165 .. .. i can find the data's who have dots in it with string.find, but how can i delete them? the number's count after the dot is different for each data. so thanks for helping from now.
  9. Fury


    ye im the author. i always make a backup of my scripts but last time my hard drive were crashed and i didnt save the files.. thanks for answering. can you send me this on pm? thanks.
  10. Fury


    [2013-10-20 02:41:05] WARNING: FuckN client/freecam_c.lua is invalid and will not work in future versions. Please re-compile at [url=http://luac.mtasa.com/]http://luac.mtasa.com/[/url] [2013-10-20 02:41:05] WARNING: FuckN client/rating_client.lua is invalid and will not work in future versions. Please re-compile at [url=http://luac.mtasa.com/]http://luac.mtasa.com/[/url] [2013-10-20 02:41:05] WARNING: FuckN client/deathlist_c.lua is invalid and will not work in future versions. Please re-compile at [url=http://luac.mtasa.com/]http://luac.mtasa.com/[/url] [2013-10-20 02:41:14] DIAGNOST
  11. Fury

    Server GUI Skins

    Great suggestion. The owner of server can use the personaly GUI skin. onPlayerJoin CurrentSkin = getPlayerGUISkin() If not CurrentSkin == "name of custom skin" then setPlayerGUISkin (lp,custom skin) It's only example yep, that was im talking about. i dont like dx at all. i think gui will be more usefull with this way..
  12. https://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewto ... 05ed5081bd what about this?
  13. how about guiCreateSkin, guiSetSkin and guiGetSkin functions for GUI skins? it could be nice.
  14. i know that, i mean is this possible to do at server-side?
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