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  1. Could you explain more? I don't know how to use this. I was thinking smoething like that (from user Pa3ck), above is for 2-colors dxDraw, I need for alpha addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function () texture = dxCreateTexture (300, 25) local pixels = dxGetTexturePixels (texture) for i=0,300 do local progress = 100 / 300 * i / 100 local r, g, b = interpolateBetween ( 255, 0, 0, 255, 255, 0, progress, "Linear") for j=0,25 do dxSetPixelColor (pixels, i, j, r, g, b, 255) end
  2. Hi, I wanted create black dxDrawRectangle which alpha is from left 255 to right 0. Something like this Image isn't my. Please help, I know so far that I should use Interpolatebetween but don't have idea how to.
  3. How did you do that? Can you make something like tutorial? How can I import VC map to MTA:SA?
  4. Hello! I'm looking for any modification which change map SA to VC and works with MTA:SA 1.5 and newer versions. I found this modification http://gtaforums.com/topic/271957-rel-b ... n-vice/but can't find MTA modification wich works with that. And found this modification http://gtaforums.com/topic/839261-saxvc ... ble-build/ but function createObject doesn't works with it. Can anyone help me? Cheers, thanks in advice!
  5. "editor_main"> "removeWorldObject (oldgarage_SFS) (1)" radius="46.838493347168" interior="0" model="11387" lodModel="11279" posX="-2038.75" posY="150.71094" posZ="31.19531" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"> "removeWorldObject (hub02_SFSe) (1)" radius="76.556533813477" interior="0" model="11340" lodModel="11339" posX="-2079.95312" posY="159.20313" posZ="30.86719" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0"> "removeWorldObject (roadsSFSE55) (1)" radius="75.405456542969" interior="0" model="11110" lodModel="11060" posX="-2169.28906" posY="208.02344" posZ="34.24219" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0">
  6. 11387 oldgarage_SFS LOD: 11279 11326 Sfse_hublockup LOS: 11328 11327 sfse_hub_grgdoor02 LOD: 0 11416 hbgdSFS I've MTA Editor with World Object Remover in file .map have this line, but doesn't works.
  7. Hello! I have problem. Can't remove object oldgarage_SFS - it's doherty gas station build, can someone help me? Greetings!
  8. Hello! How i can convert .ipl file to .map file for MTA 1.3.1? Aaron's ipl2map converter doesn't works, this http://gtamap.delux-host.com/converter/ site too. Can you help me? Greetings! PS. Sorry for my little english.
  9. Hello! I have problem. I made GUI in 1024x768 resolution, and when changed resolution to 1280x1024 i see some bugs with GUI? How i can do that it will be good? Sorry for my bad english. Greetings, Blaster!
  10. The same errors and warnings. DrakeN, how i can fix it?
  11. How add it to Admin Group? I start only mysql, global, account-system, and log: [2012-04-09 13:43:54] Resources: 81 loaded, 0 failed [2012-04-09 13:43:54] Querying game-monitor.com master server... unavailable! [2012-04-09 13:43:54] Querying backup master server... success! [2012-04-09 13:43:55] MODULE: Loaded "MySQL 5.0 database module" (0.41) by "Alberto Alonso <rydencillo@gmail.com>" [2012-04-09 13:43:55] MODULE: Loaded "SHA Module" (1.02) by "mabako" [2012-04-09 13:43:55] MODULE: Loaded "Sockets Module" (1.10) by "Gamesnert, MCvarial & x86" [2012-04-09 13:43:55] Startin
  12. [2012-04-09 01:24] ERROR: account-system\s_account_system_sapphire.lua:88: attempt to index local 'motdresult' (a nil value) exports['anticheat-system']:changeProtectedElementDataEx(getRootElement(), "account:motd", motdresult["value" ], false ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2012-04-09 01:26] ERROR: mysql\connection.lua:206: bad argument #2 to 'mysql_escape_string' (string expected, got nil) return mysql_escape_string(MySQLConnection, str) --------
  13. When I turn on the console, there are such errors: [2012-04-09 01:24] Resources: 81 loaded, 0 failed [2012-04-09 01:24] Querying game-monitor.com master server... unavailable! [2012-04-09 01:24] Querying backup master server... success! [2012-04-09 01:24] MODULE: Loaded "MySQL 5.0 database module" (0.50) by "Alberto Alonso <rydencillo@gmail.com>" [2012-04-09 01:24] MODULE: Unable to load modules/libmysql.dll! [2012-04-09 01:24] Starting resources.... [2012-04-09 01:24] WARNING: account-system/langpacks/english.lua [Client] is encoded in ANSI instead of UTF-8. Please convert
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