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    Yeah I knew this was useless to begin with but they are already coming and the times are changing. it will happen when only they decide and to be honest that could be anytime. as long as everything stays funny it can't be helped, but why am i bothering, the phone book can explain better then i ever can you know what suck my ass and call me a bitch
  2. JustRob


    Yeah I know I should have filmed it but I was too busy crapping my pants when I saw it was removing all of my SA stuff. Though I guess the reason might be that all my mods folders and stuff where in one folder called GTA San Andreas, so it removed everything. Hit cancel like my life depended on it but the damage was already done. But yeah I don't give a f*ck anymore the only thing that matters to me now is a yellow rubber duck
  3. JustRob


    hahah i even had four copies of the game on my external fucking hard drive, three of them even without mta installed and they all got deleted. all my separate maps with img tool mods and shit in it too. i'm so fucking angry right now i can't even flame
  4. JustRob


    thx for this guys. after i ran the MTA race 1.1. uninstaller, my entire GTA sa map was deleted. with all my mods, savegames, copied files, backups, everything. i just had to thank u for all this. thx alot guys.
  5. So when is it going to be released?
  6. I did, but you just don't get that you can play race in the so called "dm" and 1.0 As of now I only see MTA Race on the downloads page and nothing else. Am I blind or do you need special glasses to see the download for MTA 1.0?
  7. Maybe he should read the opening post then
  8. Are you high or something? 1.11 just freezes on Vista and 1.0 gives some kinda error I can't read because the "Stop playing with yourself" window is overlapping it.
  9. I'd love to, but like I said, the Vista compatibility is missing. Vista is no longer a thing of the past, and it's only right that it should be compatible with this OS. You're missing the entire Vista usergroup, which is a big target.
  10. The reason the Race mode was so great was BECAUSE there was no DM. Only car DM, and that was awesome. If people want DM, they go play SA-MP.
  11. I just don't get it. Why won't you make it Vista compatible? Don't you see what kind of chance you're missing here? Way back you released MTA: Race because DM was not finished yet. Back then SA-MP was not even in the picture yet. Despite it not being the final product, the servers were flooded and everyone loved it. And as we kept playing, we learned that something like this might just actually be more fun then MTA: DM. Especially with deathmatch maps like Destruction Derby and Break. And then SA-MP came and beat MTA to the DM mode, and everyone started playing SA-MP. I don't know how MTA:
  12. No Im not playin atm, I need to login to install MTA. I can register as many accounts as I want, but it keeps saying I need the original one to log in. To be honest this is a very crappy system really.
  13. Once upon a time I created a account. However, I've no idea what the username was or what email address I used. Can't I play MTA DM ever again now?
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