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  1. Hello, When I try to run my MTA server by ./mta-server I get "No such file or directory". The file is there 100% and apparently the error can come up when some libs are missing. I have tried installing ia32-libs but it says it depends on ia32-libs-i386, but when I try to install that it says that the package is missing or something. it is a fresh Debian 6 with all packages up to date. thanks in advance!
  2. Naah, I want to draw the texture from the object on to player screen as 2d image
  3. Hello, As the topic title says, how can I draw with dxDrawImage the object texture. I saw dxCreateTexture but I don't want to create a new texture, I just want to get the texture element of an object. Thanks
  4. What I wanna do is to check if a player is driving on an object or is in air
  5. Ok sry, What I mean is when you play DM with race gamemode and you have sidewall you immediately jump and there is a vehicle change pick up you change rotation so the car is straight. But when you would be on sidewall your rotation will not be changed.
  6. DowNlOaD.uk


    Hey, I am making my own gamemode and how can I make it so when I enter it the player's Z rotation goes 0 but only if the player is in air and isn't touching any objects. What I want is similar behaviour to the default race gamemod's pickups.
  7. And how do you gain the higher server rank?
  8. DowNlOaD.uk

    Server Browser

    Hi all, I got a simple question. why some servers are in top of the Internet tab in server browser for like as long as I can remember, and my server is at the bottom. How is this fair and why isn't it random? regards, DowNloaD.uk
  9. Hi all, Well basically I want to send a scale of X and Y instead of only 1. I've read here: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxDrawText that it is possible. I tried passing those floats as table but it doesn't work that way. How can I do it? regards, DowNlOaD.uk
  10. Well if I am not mistaken, I saw some HTML/JS code in Admin resource, can I make it to browse those files for example from local files? Edit: I don't believe they r there without reason.
  11. Well how can I parse HTML differently because I saw some code a while ago which even uses even JS in MTA? Well Give me something please, some function anything coz i dont know where to start from ;]
  12. Hello all, Is there anyway I can implement this in MTA: http://wiki.iv-multiplayer.com/wiki/ind ... GUIWebView ? If so, how?
  13. Hmm with which function I can make my resource call "refresh" command?
  14. That is the thing, I did restart the list by doing "refreshall" in Resources tab //edit: I get a result "nil" in chat
  15. Hi all, When I upload my new resource that I made for my server I have to restart whole server for the resource to appear in admin panel, I tried the refresh button and refresh/refreshall command executing in the admin panel but nothing works. How can I make it appear without server restart? It is rly a pain in the ass. regards, i514x
  16. Hi all, Can I run a PHP file with something like SA-MP's HTTP function? I've searched by google and on MTA's wiki and I can't find anything. regards, DowNlOaD
  17. Hi all, I got a quick question here. How can I use SQL functions on the fle internal.db because I have a point system saved there with setAccountData and I want to show the player what rank he got overall. If I call a query to select a field key with name points that its value is higher than player's amount of points it will return how many players have more points than him so NUMBER_OF_ROWS_RETURNED + 1 = HIS_RANK. I tried dbConnect but I can't open the file. I also tried standard executeSQLQuery but it does operations over the registry.db file. Any ideas? regards, DowNlOaD.uk
  18. Hello all, My question today is where are toptimes from race maps saved. I checked registry.db but there are only empty tables of the races where toptimes exist. Anyone has any clues? best regards @edit: nvm, it seems i had not working sqlite browser.
  19. But my game crashes only when changing map but not always. Surely there is something in the code that causes that. Just want to know what can cause this crash, can it be caused by server-sided script or only client-sided?
  20. DowNlOaD.uk

    Client crashes

    Hi all, So my problem today is that my game(client) crashes after a map change in Race gamemode. It is modified a little. What can be the cause of that crash? Crashlog: Version = 1.3-release-3916.0.000 Time = Wed Apr 11 14:46:14 2012 Module = C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\gta_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x003F120E EAX=00000000 EBX=000003FA ECX=0022F6DC EDX=1B0936B0 ESI=00000013 EDI=00000090 EBP=FFFFFFFF ESP=0022F6B0 EIP=007F120E FLG=00010206 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 regards
  21. Yea I've done exactly that, ty
  22. is the event onPlayerLogout called when player leaves the server or do I have to do it manually?
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