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  1. Hello, When I try to run my MTA server by ./mta-server I get "No such file or directory". The file is there 100% and apparently the error can come up when some libs are missing. I have tried installing ia32-libs but it says it depends on ia32-libs-i386, but when I try to install that it says that the package is missing or something. it is a fresh Debian 6 with all packages up to date. thanks in advance!
  2. Naah, I want to draw the texture from the object on to player screen as 2d image
  3. Hello, As the topic title says, how can I draw with dxDrawImage the object texture. I saw dxCreateTexture but I don't want to create a new texture, I just want to get the texture element of an object. Thanks
  4. What I wanna do is to check if a player is driving on an object or is in air
  5. Ok sry, What I mean is when you play DM with race gamemode and you have sidewall you immediately jump and there is a vehicle change pick up you change rotation so the car is straight. But when you would be on sidewall your rotation will not be changed.
  6. DowNlOaD.uk


    Hey, I am making my own gamemode and how can I make it so when I enter it the player's Z rotation goes 0 but only if the player is in air and isn't touching any objects. What I want is similar behaviour to the default race gamemod's pickups.
  7. And how do you gain the higher server rank?
  8. DowNlOaD.uk

    Server Browser

    Hi all, I got a simple question. why some servers are in top of the Internet tab in server browser for like as long as I can remember, and my server is at the bottom. How is this fair and why isn't it random? regards, DowNloaD.uk
  9. Hi all, Well basically I want to send a scale of X and Y instead of only 1. I've read here: http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxDrawText that it is possible. I tried passing those floats as table but it doesn't work that way. How can I do it? regards, DowNlOaD.uk
  10. Well if I am not mistaken, I saw some HTML/JS code in Admin resource, can I make it to browse those files for example from local files? Edit: I don't believe they r there without reason.
  11. Well how can I parse HTML differently because I saw some code a while ago which even uses even JS in MTA? Well Give me something please, some function anything coz i dont know where to start from ;]
  12. Hello all, Is there anyway I can implement this in MTA: http://wiki.iv-multiplayer.com/wiki/ind ... GUIWebView ? If so, how?
  13. Hmm with which function I can make my resource call "refresh" command?
  14. That is the thing, I did restart the list by doing "refreshall" in Resources tab //edit: I get a result "nil" in chat
  15. Hi all, When I upload my new resource that I made for my server I have to restart whole server for the resource to appear in admin panel, I tried the refresh button and refresh/refreshall command executing in the admin panel but nothing works. How can I make it appear without server restart? It is rly a pain in the ass. regards, i514x
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