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  1. lol this guy is callum jones he used to whore around claiming he could script to get admin
  2. lol wasnt this script released?
  3. I was wondering if there's a way to load in a custom ped.ifp and hud.txd file to edit the crosshair (Aimer) and the ped walkstyle/gun hold style, An example of the ped.ifp i'd load in is What function(s) would be used for this if possible?
  4. Ahhhh. That could be one issue, But is there a check i can add in that checks if they was hit by a gun? I figured it'd be something along the lines of weapon >= 22 since 22 is a colt 45, the lowest gun ID
  5. Hello, I've been working on this script trying to make it so when your shot by a gun you bleed slowly, All of the features work except for if your punched aswell you begin to bleed, How can I fix this? Code: function startBleeding(attacker, weapon, bodypart) local health = getElementHealth(source) local bleeding = getElementData(source, "bleeding") if (health<=100) and (health>1) and (bleeding<=1) then exports['anticheat- system']:changeProtectedElementDataEx(source, "bleeding", 1, false) exports.global:sendLocalMeAction(source, "starts to
  6. hm, i added that in and it doesnt unbind space when i hit space to run still
  7. Hello, I earlier posted looking for a fix to CJ run so i set out to make a "Jerry rig" fix. The script im about to post basically unbinds the space key for half a second to prevent the player from sprinting quickly. I get no errors in debug script, but it's just not working local runner = nil function toggleRun(key, state) if (getKeyState("w") == true) and state == "down" then if isTimer(runner) then killTimer(runner) end runner = setTimer(setControlState, 200, 0, "sprint", not getControlState("sprint")) elseif state == "up" then if isTimer(runner) t
  8. CJ walking is faster sprinting in samp the sprint speed is quite a bit slower, I've discovered the MTA sprint speed is 35 KM/h when you tap space bar repeatedly, on samp its around 21 KM/h if i had to guess, I'd like to lower the speed you sprint at when you tap space bar , CJ run is the term used for it, a common SAMP hack because in single player CJ ran faster then any other ped.
  9. Well i was told there's a way to disable the CJ run built into MTA to make the running/sprinting like S*MP How do I do this? I've looked into a few methods, setting the game speed etc but it hasn't worked right
  10. I usually let the scripter throw a number at me, I've had some numbers on the bank script, but I want to see if anyone else would interested in the job, I have over 10$ easily, if that helps at all.
  11. Hello, I'm currently seeking for a scripter to code things for a Roleplay game mode based off vG, But quite edited. I will be paying money. Here's the basic details. I'm planning to eventually completely revise the vG game mode as it still to this day is one of the best options out there for someone not wanting to code thousands of lines. - What do you already have I've already revised many things, the phones, some other tiny scripts that add on, I've revised most portions of the script atleast slightly. What I will be buying script by script is as followed - A bank system revision, Imp
  12. I'm having an error with the script below, It's not doing -Anything-. It seems to make it so the driver takes no damage at all, command on or not. Nothing comes out in debug, it doesn't output the /me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. addEventHandler ("onPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), function ( attacker, weapon, bodypart, loss ) if ( getElementData ( source, "seatbelt" ) ) then setElementHealth ( source, ( getElementHealth ( source ) + loss ) ) end end ) function toggleSeatbelt ( thePlayer ) if ( getElementData ( thePlayer, "seatbelt" ) ) then exports.global:sendLocalMe
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