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  1. yay, it worked, thx for your help!! I wish fraps would go to like 60-100 fps, the video looks kinda crappy with low resolution
  2. 1024x768 full draw = full they always have been like that also every single game i try to record does the same thing, max payne 2, counter-strike, gta3 all of them.
  3. i was using the old one and it worked fine, then i switched to the new one, that worked good for a while too. But then it just started lagging
  4. Ok, ive made a bunch of stunt videos with fraps, it recorded fine and everything but now when i push f9 and it starts to record, it goes really laggy and choppy. Once i press f9 again to stop it, it goes back to normal, no lag at all. I thought maybe it just did that in the game and the video would be good, but the video is also choppy. Its set at 30 fps, when i go lower to 15 it gets even laggier. Anyone know whats wrong?? thx in advance.
  5. do they work with a flat panel... like... those slim montiors??
  6. i could also be a tester
  7. ive played with widow he didnt use a trainer, SOS!!! lol
  8. same thing happened to me, just right click BOTH ur mta client icon, and ur vc icon, make then Windows 2000 compatible, fixed it for me
  9. no dude, its fucked up, same thing for me, u are swat guy and no one can see u and u cant kill them and its like ur not even playing, stupid mta!!! gets me so mad...i tried everything..
  10. happened to me too, i drove around the loop-d-loop thing in stunt area, then i went off the side in mid air lol and over the fence and ended up liek that
  11. that patch doesnt even work, i got it for gtat and it didnt even find it lol says i didnt have it installed though i did
  12. looks good too bad it wont come out till forever... lol
  13. grrrrrrrr this is REALLY ANNOYING, i got mta vc and it worked good for like a day then the next day i keep getting unhandled error, it happens when someone does this 1.)joins 2.)leaves 3.)kills 4.)dies whenever one of those happens it just crashes and i need to restart vc, it worked fine the day b4 too!!! i reinstalled vc then deleted the vc folder, uninstalled mtavc and deleted the folder, then installed vc and then mtavc and i played single player to see if it worked, and it did. then i played online and someone died and it got that handle error!!!!! whats wrong with it!?!? i have winXP... this is soo annoying
  14. i heard you can use it with vice city, i need it for flying the helicopters cuz its deadly with the keyboard does anyone know how to install it to work with vice city
  15. im a mapper but ive only made maps for CS, dunno what programs i would need to use... lol gta3 mapping looks easy
  16. it would be cool if u could customize ur car, make it lower, change the rims, upgrade it with money won from missions, sell it and buy a new one... thats a lil crazy lol. would be really hard basically a new game
  17. lol whore.... where u get vc multiplayer??
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