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  1. Bone County Canyon

    Which programs did you use to create this? - And if there's the possibility, could you bring me any tutorial to learn how to do this stuff? I'd be glad!
  2. Bone County Canyon

    That is sick!

    GALAXY And there we go again, I'm proud to present another theme for this amazing game, it's called GALAXY and I did it for space lovers. This time I didn't work in a interface because players are using mainly the default one and it won't be worth to do so. In-Game it looks fantastic! How to install: 1. Download the file.2. Go to your MTA directory3. Put all the content in MTA/cgui/images4. Replace all items5. Enjoy! Download link: Mediafire Thanks for reading! Zebra
  4. Glowing Desires

    Hello! My real name is Ignacio, I'm 19 years old and I'm currently playing Multi Theft Auto since 2011. I just want to show you not the last theme that I have created long time ago. It's called Glowing Desires and sadly I forgot my password for my another account here called ZebraCL. You can check more themes here: Click me dear user. Don't blame me for the background, added it for website copyright. Also please, don't blame me for 'LASTEST News'. I know my error but I'm too lazy to fix it. Installation: Go to your MTA directory and put all the files into MTA/cgui/images (replace all items). Additional: Players asked me in every theme about the problem with high resolutions (1920x1080) and I finally fixed the problem, in every resolution the background will be in high definition, without a dreadful quality, enjoy it. Every opinion is acceptable for me (obviously it needs to be with criticism or I won't take care about). Download: Thank you I'm working now in another theme, it's like Neon Strike 2.0, stay tuned! If you want to keep updated about my works, please follow me on my facebook page ZE Graphics.
  5. [DM] NitroN ft. Drake - Lost in Dreams

    Nice map .