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  1. Hey Guys, i have a little question. How can i use the Tessellation-Shader with a dxDrawText? I've changed the code, to test it: Settings = {} Settings.var = {} local scrX,scrY = guiGetScreenSize() addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() flagShader = dxCreateShader("flag.fx") flagTexture = dxCreateTexture("flag-pic.jpg") dxSetShaderValue( flagShader, "sFlagTexture", flagTexture ) end ) addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, function() dxSetShaderTessellation( flagShader, 16, 1 ) dxSetShade
  2. Well i belive you, that you made them, but they does look like the one of FFS. Change at least the style of the Drawings ...
  3. Well i know now why it sayed Bad Argument. I found in this Forum a other thread: https://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=91&t=57981 it says to use: md5(md5(salt):lower()..md5(password):lower()):lower() ive got some little problems with salt ... but i fixed it. Anyway thanks a lot for the support. For those Guys who have the same Problem, i hope that can help you: local password = "asdf" setElementData(source, "salt_temp", data["members_pass_salt"]) local salt = getElementData(source, "salt_temp") passwordTEXThashed = md5(md5(salt):lower()..md5(password):lower()):lower()
  4. nope doesnt work. It says bad argument. Or is there a way to change the hashingway of ip.board?
  5. simply .... beautiful ... hahahaha. It looks so ... ugly.
  6. how can you model these polygons ingame`?!??!?!? how is that even possible
  7. Hey Guys, i know that i can hash passwords with md5, but ip.board wants a salt-hash too how you can see: $hash = md5( md5( $salt ) . md5( $password ) ); Or isnt salt a hash? Pls help me
  8. Thanks a lot man, it runs . But isn't there a way with getElementData or something like that?
  9. hey guys, how can i receive the position of an dxDrawImage?
  10. Hey guys, i have a problem. I want, that the interpolateBetween counts if i press F6, but it counts if the Resource starts. local screenW,screenH = guiGetScreenSize() local state = "Login" local phase = 0 local lastTick = getTickCount() function setSettings( s, p ) state = s or 'Login' phase = p or 0 lastTick = getTickCount() end function getProgress( addtick ) local now = getTickCount() local elapsedTime = now - lastTick local duration = lastTick+addtick - lastTick local progress = elapsedTime / duration return progress end functio
  11. do you mean something like dbQuery(handler, "SELECT * FROM phpbb_users WHERE `username` = ?", username)
  12. Hey Guys, i have a little Problem. I dont know why, but i cant use the MTA-MySQl Modul. I installed it but doesnt work. So i tried to use the already included mysql functions. i connected with my MySQl Server via dbConnect but i want to check a string. I want to check the string password, if its the same with the one in my database, but how?
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