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  1. Hello I want to script the lobby.(same this> http://www.bilderkiste.org/show/details ... 9.png.html ) Sufficient standard game modes. With MySQL. I do not want anything else. Waiting for bids. Good forums
  2. Thanks Vendetta I will learn english
  3. sorry.I will speak english.
  4. kardeşim bu şekilde ben para verdirtebiliyorum.Problemim birinciye para verdirmek.bu şekilde ölenlere para verdirtebiliyoruz. ama birinci ya ölmez ise? Birde fonksiyonları ben düzenledim fonksiyonlarda arza yok. dediğim gibi problemim 1.ye para vermek.
  5. function checkWinAndIfWinGiveWinCash (thePlayer) local cash = getPlayerCount()*100 savePlayerData (thePlayer,"wins",loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"wins") + 1) savePlayerData (thePlayer,"cash",loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"cash") + cash) outputChatBox ("#ffffff"..getPlayerName(thePlayer) .." #0fc0fcbu haritada 1. olduğu için #ffffff"..tostring(cash).."#0fc0fc$ kazandı!",getRootElement(),24,79,12,true) end addEvent("birinci",true) addEventHandler ("birinci",getRootElement(),checkWinAndIfWinGiveWinCash) this is my code.But this is not work function onplayerwasted () local racerank=tonum
  6. Hi guys I try code panel but ı have a problem I dont give money winner and other player. What can I do?
  7. Hi Guys; I try to code skin shop.But i didn't.so I ask for you. I want to list all the skins in gridlist. two button "try" and "buy" I don't know how to do. Please help me. Thank you in advance
  8. Hi guys; I don't buy nextmap I list maps but not bought NOTE:THERE İSN'T MY CODE!!! Client Side --[[***************************************** * NOTE: Editing only allowed for 8Q * * 8Q For ever * *-------------------------------------------* * client.lua -- client * * by 8Q * *********************************************]] GUIEditor_Window = {} GUIEditor_Button = {} GUIEditor_Grid = {} screenWidth,screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() mainWindowWidth = 619 mainWindowHeight = 365
  9. Hi guys; I want to do: --I want to do click market label open the market window -------------------- haritaal label open the haritaal window -------------------- hesap label open the hesap window ----------------Thanks for help My code: sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize() local g_Root = getRootElement() local g_ResRoot = getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()) local g_Resource = getThisResource() local g_Me = getLocalPlayer() -- local hour,minute,panel,dxAcc,dxIstatistik = 0,0,"0","0","0" local para,puan,level,kazanilanoyun,toplamoyun,kazanmaorani,zkazanmaorani,kazanilanbahis,kazanilan
  10. Hi guys; I have dx problem.this time I don't find a cursor position. My code function onClientClick(button,state,aX,aY,wX,wY,wZ,cElement) if button == "left" and state=="up" and panel=="1" then elseif (aX>=135) and (aX<=135+126) and (aY>=sY-294) and (aY<=(sY-294)+20) and dxIstatistik=="1" then executeCommandHandler("nos","nfs") elseif (aX>=94) and (aX<=94+126) and (aY>=sY-274) and (aY<=(sY-274)+20) and dxIstatistik=="1" then executeCommandHandler("nos","normal") elseif (aX>=135) and (aX<=135+120) and (aY>=s
  11. Ovv. Yes I understand Thanks Jaysds1
  12. I don't Understand X-sHadow. Sorry.
  13. Could you give an example?
  14. hi; I coding dx script but I can not disappear dx. I new coder pls help me. Thanks for help...
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