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  1. Dude, shut up already, Your not defending yourself. Just shutup. No one is going to reply anyways, So why bother?
  2. mcjugga... I'm not prevoking you. I'm making a point now shut up! Next person who post after me, Is a dumb@$$ And wants some of my "8==D". Lets see if that works to keep this quiet.
  3. Alright, Yes I do know what I'm talking about. Don't say I don't. And look, I even said If you realy trying to get attention by going through 3 hours of starring at a screen trying to hack Crysis, Good job! I'm so proud of you! You could have shut up right there, Instead you want to sit here and keep arguing over meaningless stuff. Your not convincing anyone, They know what the problem is, And your not helping, Your just making it worse by threats. Your not doing anything, Get a life, Get a girlfriend, Go out and have fun instead of sitting here and trying to do something. Whos not mad that th
  4. 1. Yes, I'm assuming you do cause thats what your doing at the moment. 2. No I don't but your trying to make yourself all mighty and tough or what not on the INTERNET, And not until mommy stops paying for that internet and kicks you out of the basement. 3.Yes, You can, again, anyone can just download something. Simple as that. If your realy going through the pile of crud then Congratz! Your so heroic! My god! Please Somebody give this guy a medal! He earns it! Hes so cool on the internet! Wow! He is so my idol. There you go, Thats the attention you wanted, You got it, Now SHUT UP! I agree,
  5. No, I don't fail, the makers of this mod fail. They worked hard and produced a good product, only to :~ all over it with serials. Here is what longpoke did to crysis: http://video.google.ca/videosearch?q=lo ... tesearch=# Just look at that, that is what this mod will be once the generator is up. There is no stopping the almighty longpoke: http://img68.imageshack.us/img68/9648/project1vp3.jpg See how he laughs, even when lazers are being fired at his face? Umm.. Dude.. Its just a game? Theres people throwing thier backs out trying to fight in wars, And you sit here an act all pumped up
  6. Id like to see, LONGSPOKE... LONGPOKE, If your realy hurt that bad because of a MOD on the make believe world, Then you must have some serious downs/anger built up. Heres what will happen: Gotta love that one, Seriously dude, Don't put sweat and blood into a game mod thats outdated and not working, You could use that anger for something good.
  7. Hey Aretsukusu, Here's one for you.. Read the cat, It says all.
  8. The serial system is causing more problems than helping, The serials help hackers/nubs stay off our servers, But also with the serials we can't install MTA/Join a server for over two damn weeks, Thats a shame. And i'm pretty sure its going to happen again.
  9. Now Gamsnert/any other person, Don't cry because he made a serial resquest, If you do, Your an idiot. Seriosuly, he just ASKED WHEN IT COMES ONLINE. Makes me want to kick a puppy.
  10. lol, 3 day coffee break?... its been about a week and still no updates when it might be back up.. at least give updates, cant just let people sit around.
  11. I have to play SAMP... the rp servers on there suck, except for one of them and the funservers have a ton of hackers.
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