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  1. I have already tried the CPU temp thing and it never really goes above 40c (i7 4770, stock clocks Cooler Master hyper 212 evo cpu cooler) I can't see how it can be the PSU because as I say I can run games like BF4 for hours on end. My PSU is Antec HCP-750. Ill do one more fresh re-install of mta and ill post back results
  2. Hello, thanks for your reply. I enabled the show hidden files and folders option in Folder Options on the control panel, but for both ReportArchive and ReportQueue the last crash is set back to 08/11 for both (I sorted by date modified) and theres nothing with MTA on it (I tried GTA and it said gta 3 and gta 4 nothing like gta sa, and I wasn't getting confused with gta3.img or anything like that)
  3. No, it just says this folder is empty.
  4. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is what it says exactly: I can't see how it stopped happening after I re-installed MTA and stuff, and now it's suddenly starting again
  5. Bump: Yes, it fixed completely after doing the scan, but now it has started in the past week and is happening everyday again. But I don't know how to check what the problem is Any other suggestions?
  6. I done a full scan on Microsoft Security Essentials and it fixed both my disconnecting problem and shutting down problem, but today my PC shut down again, but luckily just restarted and didn't have to re-insert the power cable. I'm sure it's not my PC because MTA is the only thing it shuts down on. but ill see how things go
  7. Firstly, thank you for your reply and assistance. 1) There were no files in C:\Windows\Minidump 2) Done 3) Do you mean NetWorx? If so, it's been shutting down way before I installed that software. 4) Done haven't tried MTA yet though
  8. Here is the pastebig log: http://pastebin.mtasa.com/838614759
  9. First of all, it's nothing to do with my PC hardware and only happens with MTA. I have an i7, GTX 760 and 16GB RAM. GTA IV, Battlefield 4, crysis 3 etc works fine after hours of gaming. So it's been happening only on MTA for the last 1-2 months. I play for a while or even just get to the log in screen on the server i play (CIT) and my PC shuts down randomly! No BSOD, ive tried re-installing MTA and it still doesn't work, I have you wait some hours in order to use the PC again because it will not turn on from the power button. Someone help please
  10. It works Thanks for all of your and towncivvilians help. I did write a reply on here on my iPad but i guess it didint send It works now
  11. I've found my gta_sa.set file which i though i deleted already so should i delte that and do a mtadiag?
  12. No microsoft word, it was being silly the other day but now it works fine
  13. Microsoft word 2007 seems to be doing the same thing ^ IGNORE IT WORD WORKS FINE NOW!!!
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