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  1. BUMP Isn't that issue going to be solved, it's been already more than a week.
  2. Every house seems to teleport me into oblivion whenever I try to enter it. It doesn't load the DFF or TXD, only the COL file, meaning I walk onto transparent stuff, but the exit marker is there.
  3. it would be alright even if it was high in the sky cause i could create a teleport to it but i want to know how cause i'm a lua noob and i can't understand from wiki.
  4. Could u please create the code for me??? u will get admin privileges on my server(i cant pay u)
  5. yeah something like that but also to make the akina or sakina mod(whichever u can) server side so that people dont have to install it to see it.
  6. Guys i need a lot of help from scripters here. i want to make sakina server side and so we could have an awesome drift server because we could make tournaments there. anyone that can make akina server side will be a guaranteed admin on my server. The whole [s_M] clan (its a small romanian one) relies on you for that (S_M stands for smoke-makerz) Cheers for the guy(s) that can make this thing
  7. maybe u have to put the patch in the san andreas installation directory and then run it. tell me if it worked.
  8. i had that problem for a while but i found the solution(not me but another person) 1.start up mta:sa 2.before mta:sa shows the stop playing with urself thing hold ctrl 3.point 2 ur san andreas folder 4.done:D
  9. sometimes(in the last few days it's like always) the car models i spawn with freeroam gui turn from 4 wheels to 3 wheels when i enter them.Weird.
  10. ty cause i wanna make a movie and i badly miss drivers so any1 that wants to get into this must fill a from and reply it on this topic. the post will be as following: in-game name: msn/yahoo/skype: skills:drifting/modding/scripting(for some map modifications i want and cant find on the web) ty in advance and enter the [s_M]Official Server(find it on mta server list) EDIT: all the guyz that participate in the movie will get instant admin accounts(even if u play as a main character or a secondary 1)
  11. I want to ask the mods if it is allowed to make requests to other users via a topic. I want to make a movie(giving credit to the mta team of course) then upload it on youtube. Am i allowed to ask for drivers on this forum???
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