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  1. Yo any players from ~2012 still playing this?
  2. Try this function sendEmail(email, subject, message) callRemote("URL", function() end, email, subject, message) end php: <?php include("MTA/mta_sdk.php" ); $input = mta::getInput(); mail($input[0], $input[1], $input[2]); mta::doReturn($input[0], $random); ?>
  3. Can't be bothered to finish, if anyone wants to work on it themselves here is the current code: server marker = {} function createShops() for index, dat in pairs(shops) do outputChatBox(dat[1]) marker[dat[4]] = createMarker(dat[1], dat[2], dat[3] - 1, "cylinder", 1.5, 255, 255, 255) end end addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, createShops) function enterMarker(player, match) if (not match) then return end if (not isElement(player) or getElementType(player) ~= "player") then return end if (isPedInVehicle(player)) then
  4. completely slipped my mind
  5. From what I can see there is no proper vehicle/car system so I've decided to work on one. Features: * Dealer shops, where you will be able to preview a car, select color, [thanks to http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... anddescr=1] see prices etc.. * Management GUI, See basic information such as location, health and a few functions like lock, hide, blip * Saved using SQL, Vehicles will be stored in a sql database so when you restart the server or the resource they'll be saved. * Recover positions (if the vehicle is stuck or w/e) * Vehicle will break down and become undriveable inste
  6. what about you stopping PMing me for help to release your server lol Wow somebody was on a grumpy mood, anyway here is a GIF http://gyazo.com/2ef68fc7780146fe75e5633a00642c8f
  7. function addWantedLevel(player, amount) local cur = wantedLevel[player] or 0 local wl = getPlayerWantedLevel(player) or 0 if (tonumber(wl + 1) >= 6) then return end wantedLevel[player] = cur + amount setPlayerWantedLevel(player, wl + 1) setElementData(player, "wap", cur + amount) setElementData(player, "wans", wl + 1) end
  8. what about you stopping PMing me for help to release your server lol
  9. Yup, completely from scratch. Dunno bout others but when I get started on something I don't do something else until it's finished
  10. I've added you on skype and I've given my skype name in a PM
  11. Smart.

    Internet Speed

    Should be getting 100/100 but wireless :-/
  12. The package comes with the following resources: Login system [login, register and save password and if you're banned a screen will be shown] Admin system [completely custom admin system which allows you to moderate your server extremely well. Comes with the following: All the basic features (bans, kicks, mute, freeze, spectate, general information (fps, ping, location, acc name etc) Admin Jail (send a player to prison for X time or let the automatic system decide time) Punishlog and regular log (view account logs) Automatic Punishment System (checks if the account has be
  13. bruhh took me a day to make https://forum.mtasa.com/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=67832
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