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  1. We have 2 talk.... ! Thats amazing!
  2. I would give them money if I had money. You should take away the other options and only have two: I love MTA! and I love MTA and whant 2 have their childrens!
  3. But what about in LAN offline then?!
  4. Airport is STILL one of the best placec for stunts and racing.... Nice stunt at airport.......
  5. Count me in and check out my pics here in the forum!
  6. Nooo now all the nOObs know where the hunter is...
  7. Now Im jumping high from a moving truck with the pcg600.... Racing by the water, ahhhh.... Syncroniced jumping from a Packer.....
  8. Ok you can call me what you want but I have problems with starting a server. I have read your manual and followed it. I have personolized the server config, and then I press the save and start server but nothing happens. So after that I had punched that and nothing happends I punch the MTAserver.exe and I get a window up where I can see all my config but what do I do then. Need 2 know so I can play LAn offline later on.
  9. Ok this is something I have struggeled with. I have read the manual but i can`t make it work anyways. I try to make a server and the config I have alredy checked out but when I punch the launch server button....what should i do next?! help please I need 2 figure this out so I can make a server and play this on LAN offline. Thanks!
  10. Now when we are talking about the hunter here is a pic off me in the Hunter taking care of 2 guys thinking they could jack it from me..... Here is a pic of me racing at the airport....best place to do it Taking care of some ppl in my hunter
  11. Here is a normal pic with me in the cheeta racing at the airport on the runway. But hey, is it not cheating to use the Hunter...........
  12. All the green dots is upp on a roof so I can`t get 2 them. And all the other players stop moving about 5 min in 2 the game.
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