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  1. @Walid strange i tried that before but it didnt work. Tried now and it works. I think I mistyped names. Thanks for your trouble
  2. I know how to change an image ;D. I just want to know how do i check what row have i clicked on example: if source == 'daryl text' / or 'daryl row' then function here.. elseif source == 'rick text' / or 'daryl row' then function here.. end
  3. http://www.bildites.lv/images/u6z71v6xp5x9tykjh.jpg this is what i want, damn Im so bad at explaing I want to do it with "if's"
  4. This does the trick. But what i want is how do i make it with if's? for seperate rows. Like for example if 'rick' row is pressed when the picture will change, but if 'daryl' when the picture will change to other again. Each row has its own func.. tried this but doesnt work if(guiGridListGetItemText(ClothesShopGuiGridlist, 0, col )) then outputChatBox("rick") --outputChatBox("Item name: "..itemName,255,255,0) elseif(guiGridListGetItemText(ClothesShopGuiGridlist, 1, col )) then outputChatBox("daryl")
  5. Hello. What functions should I use if i want a text to be sent on chatbox when an item is clicked on gridlist. How do I make it know what item is being clicked on list? Hope you get what I mean Here's what I tried but thats not it function clickingClothesShop () if(source == ClothesShopGuiGridlist) then -- Rick if(guiGridListGetItemText ( ClothesShopGuiGridlist, guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( ClothesShopGuiGridlist ), 1 )) then outputChatBox("rick click") elseif(guiGridListGetItemText ( ClothesShopGuiGridlist, guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( ClothesShop
  6. Looks epic, like another game. When do you think it will be finished?
  7. Fixed it, nvm. It seems that i had to add dimension to each object not in
  8. Can anyone tell me why map doesnt work in dimension? If i put player in dimension 0 it works but in dimension 1 map doesnt work. here is meta.xml code: <map src="arenas/deathmatch/ctf-csitaly.map" dimension="1" /> and map file: <!-- CS Italy map by Ratt --> <map mod="cnr" dimension="1"> <object name="object (7)" posX="672.577881" posY="-2381.349731" posZ="108.353989" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="0" model="17859"/> <object name="object (8)" posX="654.593018" posY="-2395.922729" posZ="108.269165" rotX="0" rotY="0" rotZ="269.86363716863" model="17859"/&
  9. Reezmi

    Updating server

    Hello. I have a quick question. How can i update my server from 1.3 to 1.4 version?
  10. Cleared db. Registered again and result is same. Maybe im saving teams incorrectly? And yes teams are being shown in userdata. function spawningAfterRegister ( ) local r, g, b = getTeamColor(getPlayerTeam(source)) local Skins = {184, 188, 170, 101, 93, 88, 56, 53, 48, 47, 46, 22, 20, 21, 7} spawnPlayer (source, -1633.2635498047,1418.2386474609,7.1875, -0, Skins[math.random(1, #Skins)], 0, 0, nil) fadeCamera(source, true, 3) setCameraTarget (source, source) setPlayerTeam(source, getTeamFromName ( "Civilians" )) setTimer (createBlipAttachedTo, 500, 1, source
  11. Looks like it doesnt find team I'll try to clean db
  12. No, i have it from server-side function onLogin ( player, user, pass ) local account = getAccount ( user, pass ) if ( account ~= false ) then if ( not isGuestAccount ( account ) ) then logOut ( player ) end if (logIn ( player, account, pass ) == true) then fadeCamera(player, false, 2) setTimer (triggerEvent, 3000, 1, "onLoginSpawn", player) triggerClientEvent ( player, "hideLoginWindow", getRootElement()) else outputChatBox ( "Error logging in", player, 255, 255, 0 )
  13. I have team and I can also see that im added in tab team list
  14. Why is it giving me Bad argument @ 'getTeamColor' error I dont get it.. function spawningAfterLogin () local playerAccount = getPlayerAccount(source) local playerX = getAccountData (playerAccount, "LastPositionX") local playerY = getAccountData (playerAccount, "LastPositionY") local playerZ = getAccountData (playerAccount, "LastPositionZ") local playerSkin = getAccountData (playerAccount, "Skin") local playerHealth = getAccountData (playerAccount, "Health") local playerArmor = getAccountData (playerAccount, "Armor") local playerMoney = getAcco
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