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  1. 1. Koop balonnen 2. Koop eten en drinken 3. Nodig vrienden uit 4. ??? 5. Profit. Maar serieus, wtf? (20 DAGEN BUMP )
  2. Als je bedoelt een voorwerp op de map zetten, dan moet je gewoon een plat object nemen (zoals jetdoor) en daarvan de texture vervangen. Daarvoor heb je dan TXD Workshop voor nodig (zo heet dat volgens mij) en de functions: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineImportTXD https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineLoadTXD Probeer het script zelf te maken. Google is je vriend.
  3. Hi, I want to make a (big?) island, but I can't really find a suitable land mash. Do you know a good land mash for an island? I also heard about heightmaps or something. Is this possible in MTA? If so, is there something like a tutorial for it?
  4. Thank you, it works I'll put you in the credits
  5. Hi, I wanted to make a script today so a marker will be created and when you hit the marker it shows a GUI and something in the chatbox, only for that player. When he types /close, the GUI closes and something has to appear in the chatbox, also to only that player. I'm not a very skilled scripter and I ran into a problem: all the GUI-functions are clientside and the chatbox-thing is serverside (if you want the message only appear to the player in the marker). What do I have to do now? I now have this (it doesn't work, the text when entering doesn't appear, the text when typing close is there,
  6. Hi, I wanted to import a .png into TXD Workshop, but I got this Error: "Out of system resources" How do I fix this?
  7. Hi, me and my friend wanted to edit the map on my server like we did yesterday. We wanted to continue, but when the editor started, half of what we made was gone, while in Play, everything was there. I tried opening it again, opening it in the real map editor, changing the dimension I was in, but nothing helped. I looked in the .map file, but nothing was missing. What is wrong and how can it be solved?
  8. I don't have that dbs_housesystem.sql file in the folder. And when i try to start the resource, it says: dbConnect failed; unkown database 'dbs_housesystem2' [HOUSESYSTEM]MySQL handler 1 not accepted! Trying secondary handler... dbConnect failed; unkown database 'dbs_housesystem' [HOUSESYSTEM]MySQL handler 1 not accepted! Shutting down...
  9. if i would know why it doesn't work, i wouldn't have posted this. It just doesn't start up. I don't get a messages or something.
  10. Hello, I downloaded the lolmode resource made by JasperNL=D. I wanted to put the login part of it (the character selection/creation etc.) in my own server. Unfortunatly this did not work. Can someone pick it out of the lolmode resource and post it here for me? I will say on my server it was made by JasperNL=D. Thanks, Timo.
  11. Thank you, it finally worked!
  12. Hi, I was trying to port forward, but it didn't work, and after months of trying, it finally worked. But, nobody can see or join my server. The ports are open. I tried openports and http://nightly.mtasa.com/ports/. They both say they are open. Can somebody help me? Did i do something wrong?
  13. I know this is normal, but is there a way you can disable this? So when you die, you still have the same skin.
  14. Aah, yes, forgot to do that. Thanks!
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