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  1. Hehe, not needed to tell me I've grown up with MTA race and I totaly like the mapeditor, that's why I still use the old one Oldschool mapeditor for oldschool maps! I never really touched the new editor
  2. Hey guys, I would like to present you my newest map. I've created this map this weekend and normaly I wanted to make a map series calls "Backyard Party", which includes around 5 maps, but I allready got bored with mapping again, so I leave it with one map and show you this one. Furthermore the object limit in the MTA race map editor didnt like me again, so I couldnt design this map as I want. But whatever, I hope you like this map or at least you have fun with playing this map Best regards - Biernot
  3. Aloha ladies and gentlemen, today I've finished my newest (35th) oldschool DM map and I've decided to post a video of this and two of my other maps here. To be honest, all in all I created 35 maps till now and I just started to record the maps when I've finished my 33rd map, thats why I just have 3 videos about my maps I created all maps with the good old MTA:SA v1.1.2 Mapeditor Please tell me your opinion about the maps (not about my music taste^^), so I'll know what I have to do better next time. NOTE This is the Showroom, so please dont ask me if I could share the maps. I wont d
  4. I think some of you guys dont even understand the section here... thats the SHOWROOM SECTION and not the download section.... so I dont get it, why some of you are whining why he (sealine) is just showing his maps here and not uploading them. well like some other guys said, if you want to play them, then join the servers and stop whining about it, that he wont/dont upload the maps. it's his decision and if you dont like it, then just dont post any shit here. he's making good maps and if you would rly like it then you would respect his work and his decision to just showing the maps. I bet 100
  5. Biernot


    yep, I'm talking about the replay like in the singleplayer, BUT I also ment replays of other players. for example when I'm playing on our DD/DM server (race mode), so to see a reaply of other players, so far I'm spectating them.
  6. Biernot


    lol calm down dude. you didnt type in any sentence that its "your server" or that you're talking about a server even my sucky english is better then yours. so better to learn to type usefull infos about your problem before you're blaming someone. here your first post again... pls show me where you're talking about "YOUR server":
  7. I guess I wanted to search a multiplayer mod for GTA:SA. so I was looking at youtube if there is one and how it looks like. I saw SA:MP and MTA race, and cause I liked the DD/DM mode in MTA race more I downloaded and just played MTA then
  8. Biernot


    well, I dont think that it will work on a DD/DM server. --> race mode. Cause you're just in the car and not playing with a person without a car.
  9. A: no, cause just hairy apes are eating bananas Q: black or white?
  10. Biernot


    oh well, anyway thx for the quick answer
  11. Biernot


    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if there is a replay function in MTA:SA. If there is a function like that, then it would be nice to know which key shows the replay, the lenght of the replay and if I can use the replay in every situation in MTA:SA. I'm just asking cause I saw in another topic that there was a replay function in MTA:VC. But I dont know and never knew if there is also something like that in MTA:SA. -greets Bier-
  12. Oh well, I didnt know that
  13. I'm wondering, that there is still no german team ^^
  14. I like the maps, btw his name is Jul777
  15. I really really liked GTA VC cause the story was/is in my opinion the best in the GTA series. but I have to say that I still didnt play GTA IV^^ it didnt run at my old pc for sure and now (with a new pc) I still didnt get the game
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