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  1. Same issue i did that same crap happened.
  2. Can you help me reinstall it on the weekend? Do you have msn lol
  3. Same issue can you help me reinstall it ? Add me on skype : young-johnny
  4. My game is always crashing on Roleplay server can someone help em reinstall the whole thing?
  5. JohnnyT

    Needing help

    Jaysds1 can you get on skype or something then ill tell you on there
  6. JohnnyT

    Needing help

    Well that tut did not help.
  7. JohnnyT

    Needing help

    Well i was wondering if anyone can help me download MTA 1.3 and set it up for me and etc it would be nice if you can help me please contact me on the forums for please email me at officialyoungjohnnytran@gmail.com please help me i really need help. The issue was that i have a diffrent pc.
  8. JohnnyT

    <H> HELP <H>

    Ill add you and show you on Teamview.
  9. JohnnyT

    <H> HELP <H>

    I'm having a issue someone deleted my whole files on my pc for MTA so now i can't play is that possible if anyone help me re download the and redo the whole thing! If you would like to help people write on this topic it would be nice if you guys helped me redo the whole thing.
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