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    X-Treme Roleplay 2.01

    link is broken. please add a new one.
  2. v0nz

    Text Radius Help.

    Im just trying to make it have a name before the text such as... "v0nz: I like to type". And yes, I know, its serversided.
  3. v0nz

    Adding Interiors

    Question 1: Simple. How can I create icon that you go to and automaticly enter interiors. Im just asking, what is the code, simplified. Question 2: Say I wanted to create an icon at 24/7, then you go in. How can I create a command /buy and a GUI pop up with the items.
  4. Its not really questions that you can explain through IRC, and you dont always get your answers. So if someone would like, Ill give vent info..
  5. Is there some sort of way to restrict cars to certain teams?
  6. Umm mostly general help. Umm menus, making icons do things, etc.
  7. v0nz

    Text Radius Help.

    -- define our chat radius local chatRadius = 20 --units -- define a handler that will distribute the message to all nearby players function sendMessageToNearbyPlayers( message, messageType ) -- we will only send normal chat messages, action and team types will be ignored if messageType == 0 then -- get the chatting player's position local posX, posY, posZ = getElementPosition( source ) -- create a sphere of the specified radius in that position local chatSphere = createColSphere( posX, posY, posZ, chatRadius ) -- get a t
  8. I have been starting to learn Lua and I get it a bit. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with a roleplay script I am starting to create. If you have ventrilo, we could talk in that. Im just new to Lua and I could use some help.
  9. I am not getting anything that is says. None of it means anything. Its that simple.
  10. Solution to what exactly? What I mean by solution is pretty much overall, I cannot get it. I must say, I am not a very patient person. When wikipedia explains things, I am not one of those people who can learn when they read something. I like to be taught verbally. I could not find any video tutorials on Lua. I would love it if someone could help.
  11. I am new, as you can see (1 Post). I am just wondering is there any roleplay script that are public? I have been looking for a roleplay script for MTA because I believe it would be 100% better than SAMP. If there is not a script, I was wondering if any scripter would want to work on a project. I would have all the information about the script that will have details. I really want to create a MTA RP server. I have seen MTA does not have as many people as SAMP but with roleplay server up, I can get a lot of people to join. I like roleplay, I was just wondering if someone could take a while of th
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