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  1. ye that fixed he error but for some reason it doesn't want to delete the money
  2. i get this error [20:43:44] ERROR: para\parasil.lua:2: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expecte d, got nil)
  3. you mean remove all account data from key by command ? sort of, i just want to delete all cash in server
  4. sorry for reposting in this topic but i have a question about if it is possible to delete all money in the server like /setAccountData deleteALL money
  5. StreetSaintz


    translate; adam diyor senin serial ne oldunu, bi oyuna girince F8 bas ve serial yaz oradaki cikan numaralari bura yaz ve gönder
  6. yeahn i've added another end now so i don't get any errors anymore but it doesn't show anything when a player joins the server
  7. Can you explain better what you exactly want to do?
  8. i don't know, that was my question if i am allowed to use 2 functions and i am getting these errors line 293; http://i.imgur.com/xkqd1RU.png
  9. Hey guys, i'm trying to add country flags to my joinquits but i don't know if i am allowed to use 2 functions after each other this is what i got: addEventHandler('onClientPlayerJoin', root, showcountry) function reason() function showcountry() local flag = exports.admin:getPlayerCountry ( source ) if flag then AddingS("join", getPlayerName(source).."#FFFFFF has joined the game#FF4000[#FFFFFF :admin/client/images/flags/"..flag..".png #FF4000]") else flag = "N/A" end end )
  10. i've already fixed it guys and thanks for helping me out, i really appreciate it!
  11. it not about the music it doesn't show up that a player joined the server
  12. Hey guys, i have this script it works with quit and when i change my nick but it doesn't do anything when a player joins the server: part of the code: local joinSoundBlock = true addEvent("onPlayerJoinFlag", true) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoinFlag", getRootElement(), function(thePlayer, thecountry) AddingS("join", getPlayerName(thePlayer).."#FFFFFF Oyuna girdi #FF4000[#ffffff"..thecountry.."#FF4000]") if(joinSoundBlock)then local sound = playSound("joinSound.mp3") setSoundVolume(sound, 0.2) joinSoundBlock = false setTimer(function() joinSound
  13. I'm working on adding colors to the speed script i use but i got this problem the code i use dxDrawColorText ("0000", 4, screenHeight - dxGetFontHeight(2.00, 'bankgothic')/2, 100, 100, tocolor ( 0, 0, 0, 255 ), 1.2, 'bankgothic', 0.55, 'left') and i get this error attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'screenheight'
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