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  1. can someone give me the Fr_server in freeroam programme because i romove something there now the player's cant talk plz heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  2. i'm using the admintag script but when i'm talking it be like this Dark : Hi !! [Admin] Dark : Hi !! how can i do the script with oup repaiting help plz
  3. how can i make myself never die and my car dont blow in my server in mta sa 1.3 plz help
  4. how can i make the cars fly by writing /fly what i have to download
  5. but in one server when the admin talk his name is [A]Dark but when i talk in my server it be just Dark
  6. i'm admin in my server but i dont want the other players get weapon and change waether how can i dont let them do that?
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