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  1. well at line 10 you wrote elseif isPedInVehicle(player) then what if the hitElement you defined as player was a vehicle your asking your script to check that is your vehicle inside your vehicle would it not be more suitable to use elseif getElementType(player) == "vehicle" then something like this franMark1 = createMarker(1762.6, -1813.4, 12.6, "cylinder", 5, 255, 0, 0, 35) franMark2 = createMarker(1805, -1748.6, 51.5, "cylinder", 5, 255, 0, 0, 115) function teleport(player) if (source == franMark1) then if is_group(player) or is_admin(player) then setEleme
  2. well thats true but cant destroy a child's dream to make a server for him to play with his friends
  3. The Below Link will take you to the tut video:- click me!
  4. ali

    -3 Letters-

    Least Liked Cat OPP
  5. ali

    bugs mission

    line 12 playerMission = Element do you mean playerMission1 ?
  6. ali

    dx Help

    addCommandHandler("texts",function(cmd,...) Newmsgg = table.concat({...}," ") setElementData(localPlayer,"localMsg",false) setElementData(localPlayer,"localMsg",Newmsgg) addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,drawText) if not isTimer(removeChatBubble) then removeChatBubble = setTimer(function() removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,drawText) end,10000,1) else killTimer(removeChatBubble) removeChatBubble = setTimer(function() removeEventHandler("onClientRender",root,drawText) setElementData(localPlayer,"localMsg",false) end,10000,1) end end) local screenWidth, screenHeigh
  7. (Not starting resource mapconverter as server has come back from the future)
  8. ali


  9. ali

    A question

    ok guys thx for your help but now i am having another problem here after i got 25 it should have been 35 as i gave 10 but it gave me 9 in the next turn it gave me ten
  10. ali

    A question

    i got it i just needed to remove row from that line thx guys
  11. ali

    A question

    well i made some tweeks and it seems like my script is not picking up the playerName stated in playerName = guiGridListGetItemText ( player_grid, row, guiGridListGetSelectedItem ( player_grid ), 1 ) client side 's part server side whole what i get
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