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  1. What you mean with "security"? Ofcource I would be the only one who can see it, because Im the developer of my own server When a script is started in the (black) console it appears "[hh:mm:ss] Starting NameOfResource" I want that appear in my screen ingame as the red words in the SS (not mine btw)
  2. Hi all I want to ask if there is some way to output the console log to my screen, like in the chatbox, or somwhere else, because it's pretty annoying have to minimize the game (wich takes some secs) to see the console. I know if I press F8 there is a console but it doesn't show everything Would be like this Imagine the red words down the SS is the console. Well, that, don't be so hard saying you won't make a script for me blablabla, if you want say that better dont comment From now, thanks for reading
  3. lol, it was a gta3.img problem, too much mods, I feel so stupid towncivilian would go mad after read this Edit: If someone has a link to download a clean gta3.img I will be grateful
  4. here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lX_AAk0Z ... e=youtu.be
  5. It still frozing This never happened me, one time I join the server well, now I join the same server and asks me this update. Should I make a video showing exactly what is happening?
  6. (This is the "update" wich makes MTA freeze when I join a server) Do I have to install it?
  7. http://pastebin.com/6izsTni8 "Network Module is not compatible!"
  8. http://pastebin.com/iZDZ8vxe Now, when I start MTA it says "Network Module not compatible"
  9. Well, I was playing in MTA when I decided to open a mta server wich poped up a window saying "This server requires an update" or sth like that, so I clicked ok and the download and the instalation started, my problem is that after the update is instaled, I try to join a server but my computer freeze and I cant do anything else than kill the process, this is happening me with all the MTA servers Help! From now, thank you
  10. This helped me. Thank you and all who helped. Im glad to see ppl helping others in them problems
  11. In the console says I tryied this this and this What im doing wrong? No, im not asking that, infact im asking how to rotate them. Thanks for the help anyway I did this SS wich I think can help to understand http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/83 ... 62944.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51 ... 62956.png/ (For a strange reason I couldn't use the [*img] tag)
  12. First of all, hi I'm having problems "scripting" (if can be called like that) my peds. I have a "peds.lua" file in my map file and the proper meta.xml My problem is that some peds doesn't look where I want (North = 0º) but other peds are looking good. This is the code of the bugged peds local af = createPed ( 287, 236.89999389648, 1970.6999511719, 18,800000, 0 ) local af1 = createPed ( 287, 237.89999389648, 1970.6999511719, 18,800000, 0 ) local af2= createPed ( 287, 238.89999389648, 1970.6999511719, 18,800000, 0 ) local af3 = createPed ( 287, 239.89999389648, 1970.699
  13. Hi mta users I've seen in some servers peds that are moving and shooting and I want to do it too Anyone knows how to make a ped shoot a player or make him walk randomly? Or set an anim for them? Thanks
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