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  1. Counter-Strike mode - terrorists vs usa( team last man standing
  2. The radar is there for a reason.........use it! only a newbie wouldnt no how to look at the radar.....idiots................... p.s people that complain about stupid sh*t piss me off....... its a game its not a life u do it to waist time dont be a punk u win and loss
  3. i think its so much fun with the instent death i dont us ccars at all to kill people but i like the fact that u have to watch out and jump over cars......beat people and they beat me... its part of the game................get a shotty and go on the ledge and just kill the persons car its that simple if u cant think off it or suck to much to do it then...........dont be a B@tch just because u lost and u cant think of a way to win ...... loosin is part of the game...........but if u suck and always lose dont be a punk about it...........what kinda loser calls someone a newbie cause they lost
  4. sddraguta

    What we do

    Why are u guys at mta doing this mod? because u want to right because u love to, well forget about all them haters and hackers and wannabes that cheat and reck everything(even if its extremly hard) and just do it for ur self! till you dont feel like doing it no more............ aint that ur only motivation;)
  5. The reason i said warehouse or soemthing cause i was thinking of more then one person in there like 4 or something and they couldnt kill each other just civilians and they would be in ther for about 60 secons and the person with the most kills wins....:>
  6. that would be amazin sorry about my post and other post and u no hahah............... that would be alot of fun to plus more money!!!
  7. BY PEOPLE i Mean CivilianS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  8. this Should be a mini game that comes on every 5 mins in the game or soemthingl ike turismo, anyways u step in a pink circul like tursimon with ur person and it brings u to a small warehouse or something and u kill as much people as u can in a givin time!!! the one with the most kills wins oo and u cant kill eachother......
  9. Cop Car sub-missions if u get in a cop car and hit sub missions u should have to go stop a sertend person in the server and get money for it or something...........
  10. You all should just make it as a option to block off the other islands or keep the hole island or just pick a small one for ex... pornstars island in gta vice................
  11. I would rather have the other persons ping effect the whole game or have a ping blocker of some sort, then have that one anoying guy that wont die and u can shoot at him for ever but nothin, then kills u!!!!!!
  12. For mta 4 can u put a ping control option, for the hosts of servers so lets say i put it at 150 people with a higher ping then that cant join thx
  13. but if u cause make it or something i wanna be one of the first to try!!!!!!! hehehe!
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