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  1. Tried to install it... But got: ================================================================== = Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3.1 ================================================================== = Server name : || Fort Carson Roleplay || Gun mods || Car mods || 80k Start Money || = Server IP address: = Server port : 22003 = = Log file : ../GTA/server/mods/deathmatch/logs/server.log = Maximum players : 32 = HTTP port : 22005 = Voice Chat : Disabled = Bandwidth saving : Medium ==========================================================
  2. Still get this erro: I made a folder in the resources folder with name play . Added the resources in the folder. and editing the config file and starting it, but get the erro. If you want, You can go on Teamviewer on me and check if anything is wrong if you have time. Cause I cant get it to work, and I am following the things you say I have to. If you got time, then we can do it. -Exilo
  3. Added ALL resources to one map called play inside resources. This is how it looks: Config file: And the startup... Still not working to me O_o
  4. Do I have to replace the names with the new resources names? Edit: This is not right, How to get the server to run on showdowns resources? Yes, Its placed in the map. I deleted the lines you wanted me to delete.
  5. This is not right? I had to delete these files cause the server did not like that I had them+ the sho resources. I can connect to the server, but it giving me a black screen with Connectet MTA:SA Server 1.3 Windows. You know how to fix this?
  6. Yeah. But I dont know where to put the files. I got resources, only. From http://www.shodowngaming.com. He gave us the script so, You know how to install it?
  7. Hey. I am learning how to get a MTA server to work. I downloaded resources for my server. ONLY resources, No info to install it. Can any teach me where to put the resources? I dont want to run DM with the resources, but I want it to run on the resources. If you understand me -Thanks!
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