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  1. Location: The Netherlands. Email: 2101h@mail.ru Thanks for your support
  2. 13:04:09 [mysql] Attempting to start MySQL service... I am getting this when I am trying to start MySQL
  3. What's so hard about clicking a button then following simple instructions? Plus, it's translated for every language therefore there's really no need for this. Actually that was kinda announcement about MTA also there is TUT about installation as well. Also In Second part I am going to explain how to Connect to servers and how to use basic functions of MTA.
  4. I have decided to make this Video, because have noticed that a lot of newbies can't Download and Install MTA. Why I posted it here: It was posted in Media because I thought that you (MTA Users) could help me to spread out this Video arround the world to get more Users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgqFUjWUY5w Enjoy ! Note: Do not post useless Comments to avoid SPAM, if you got important comments , or comments about Video make sure that it's done in YouTube.
  5. Sorry for double posting , but can someone help me?
  6. added , but still can't. host="irc.sefmta.net84.net" nick="SEFBot" port="6667" (optional default: 6667) channels="#Echo" secure="false" (optional default: false) /> this is right?
  7. ye socket module was installed ,but there are some errors.
  8. Hello, Guys i can't connect to my server, but i did all right. i did all what i read in this link http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Irc
  9. oh yeah, true thnx dude it's working now.
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