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  1. Well if you feel it should be closed and everyone agrees go ahead and close it. I find it an interesting discussion.
  2. The only more user-friendly way is banning that prick and blocking his ip. People like that are just too stubborn to talk into, trust me i've tried numerous times, it is very hopeless. I was not talking about those players anyways. I'm talking about the players who are there to have fun. Try focussing on them for a second. All I have heard from server owners posting here is: me me me me me me me. Omg leading a server is so hard for ME because those players make it hard on ME. Yes its hard, its why you're a server owner. But try focussing on the positive players instead! A good server ow
  3. I'm not saying that,I am saying however that you need to find a more user-friendly way of cooping with those problems. And stop seeing players as admin-status hungry annoying little twats.
  4. But that attitude is exactly what makes you seem so negative isent it? I mean, you blame the players instead of seeing what you can do.
  5. Well me personally I have found Arsenic to be a great server with a great management, so I appreciate the offer and I'll be sure to check it out. But I'll most likely stay
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to these forums. I'm kind of into roleplay but I have been noticing a lot of server owners and administration dont care about their servers! That's such a shame. I mean, the reason you should create a roleplay server is if you have an ideal, and you want to provide your players with the best roleplay experience as possible. Ofcourse you can have fun yourself while doing it. But you need to really care about your players. An example: VG, the current market leader does not need to care about their players, because they have such a big playerbase. But this is causing disconte
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