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  1. Nice Parts. And Good Deco. But very Short But Good
  2. Hello I recorded my map Size: 1.73 GB How can i compress it
  3. My PC Ram: 2000 OS: Windows 7 Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400GS Turbo. Someone please tell me any good recording software
  4. Hello what the best promgram for Recording Race DM maps.. What program has noo lag,, and fillming with little lag ?
  5. And SolidSnake14 It horns system i buyed it from my firend.
  6. I dont care your opinion. And stop posting for better rank.
  7. Steal ? : DD I buyed it
  8. Not me. But doest care. Just help please
  9. Hello when player press 'H' It horns one time and until next map start player cant horn Help me to make the players can horn always. -- Horns function getPurchasedHorns(thePlayer) local airhorn = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn1")) local clown = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn2")) local train = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn3")) local ship = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn4")) local submarine = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn5")) local military = tonumber(loadPlayerData(thePlayer,"horn6")) local whoopie = tonumber
  10. Realy ? lol. show from where i downloaded. Noob... yes its stolen from tg noob ok toptimes - http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=1333 (u change only image ["pro"]lol) Race Mode Effects - by F3RraRi Pick Ups - open client and change font, im not stoled anything... How do i stole it ?? How possiblle to stole ?
  11. No No Not this.. On resource start this script changes nitro color automatic. No need any command. setTimer(updateNitroColor,00,A0,00,160,0) updateNitroColor,00,A0,00,160,0 - There is colors... i want to make GREEN
  12. Hello I want to make nitro to GREEN Code --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- -- Nitro shader -- -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, function() nitroShader = dxCreateShader("nitro.fx") setTimer(updateNitroColor,00,A0,00,160,0) end) -- This function will set the new color of the nitro function updateNitroColor(r,g,b) if nitroShader then if r and g and b then engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture (
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